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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Kristeen - DEFINITELY Worth The Purchase

    At first I was skeptical about spending so much money on this software. However, after I have tried it out, it has got to be one of the best purchases I made for preparing myself from the DAT. First off, it's paperless and a downloaded software, so you get your purchase immediately after the payment. Instead of just telling you that your answers are wrong, it gives explanations why you got the answer wrong. Additionally, you are able to find out your strengths and weaknesses in every subject so you know which parts you need more practice on.

  • S. Hinds - Great Quality

    On receiving this item, I was impressed by the craftmanship that was shown. The item was well put together and of high quality products it would appear. I purchased this item to fullfill a need, and it has gone above my expectations. Very impressive.

  • VickiD - Can't be beat!

    I have used Kaspersky for four years and it does everything it says it will do. This year I bought the 3 user for my daughter and son-in-law. My son-in-law the computer geek will not purchase anything else. BTW Amazon has the best price I could find.

  • tree - readable/

    this book is big lots of pages.I have not read it all,i have looked up some things. it is understandable. written so the layman can get info. i think it will pay for it self . I like it.

  • Kfleitt - Smells amazing

    I purchased this looking for a deep mask to correct my dry hair and it has exceeded my expectations. Not only have I received compliments on how great my hair smelled, but also on how soft it was. This definitely is a great purchase and well worth buying. Twice a week, I take it in the shower with me. After my normal shampoo/conditioning routine, I spread this throughout my ends with a comb, wrap it up into a shower cap and continue with the rest of my shower. When I'm done, I just rinse and jump out of the shower, and my hair is left soft and silky

  • Amazon Customer - No reason to pay for OEM Toner

    Toner and ink costs have become absurd. My concededly untrained, middle-aged eyes can't discern any difference in print quality between that from the LG cartridge and the HP cartridge that preceded it. I'm not buying HP toner again.

  • Shane K. - Overall, pretty good effort.Gaga is going in a different direction, setting a foundation for some great things to come.

    Joanne is an album that tries to be several different things, with many hits, but some misses. There's jazz, electric, country, soul folk, dance pop, and retro 70's & 80's vibes at times. Unfortunately, the lyrics suffer at times, and feel lazy in some tracks (some tracks, not all). For me, the highlights of Joanne are the following tracks, A-Yo, Dancing in Circles, John Wayne, Perfect Illusion, Come to Mama, Just Another Day, and Million Reasons are the best tracks. After second listen, Hey Girl also grew slightly on me (I thought it was terrible upon first listen). It kind of has an Elton John old-school duet-y style to it. Joanne is definitely a mature effort compared to Gaga's earlier albums. And the musical accompaniments in the latter half of the album are quite fantastic. If you only enjoy her for the Fame days or Born this Way, you may find that you won't care much for this album, other than for the few pop/dance songs (in which case just purchase those singles). Musically, I feel like Gaga is trying to find her new self, and this album is a good start, with great potential of awesome things to come. I think this is better than Art Pop, but not quite as enjoyable as Born this Way. But over time, that opinion may change.