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  • Michelle - It's hot! Travels well. Cleans up nicely.

    I used this hot plate for five straight days in a vacation house, and plan to use it again whenever there is opportunity.

  • Linda Crane - I really enjoyed Tony Riches writing style and have always wanted to ...

    I really enjoyed Tony Riches writing style and have always wanted to know more about the Tudors before Henry 7th. I am almost through with JASPER TUDOR. Looking forward to reading more from Tony Riches.

  • Sherrie - Squirrel problem? Buy this first!

    Worth every penny! Kicking myself for trying other products first. Received yesterday and just transported my fourth squirrel miles away. I haven't been able to catch more than one at a time, so it is more time efficient to catch, move it and reset rather than wait to try and see if one will finally go in with one already in there. They seem to be afraid. I used chopped apple and peanut butter as bait. A few pieces of Apple leading through opening and some peanut butter dropped through center. Working like a charm. Hoping to catch at least one more before end of day and be rid of rest tomorrow. Try this first!!!

  • VONI - The Bosley Shampoo

    This shampoo stopped my thinning hair from shedding and while it is now thicker it is also easier to comb and to manage the styling.