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  • Brooke O'Neal - Love it!

    I'm only on day 3 of using this product, and so far I love it! I've not felt this good in years...I feel so energetic and in such a good mood. I'm only taking one pill per day at this point, not sure if I could handle two. I'm already down 3lbs!

  • Technology Expert - Best AV so far... Hope they stop heading toward the way of Norton.

    Best AV software I have found for Windows. Fairly light on resources, catches most viruses, Great Heuristics. I wish they wouldn't have pop ups for license renewal and the price could be better. They seems to be starting to go the way of Norton, Too much fluff, too expensive, and not enough control over the automated modules. I think the 2012 or 2013 versions is where they peaked. since then, they have added a lot of junk and little function.

  • Mulepick - Good product

    Good product to get rid of the unsightly long OEM antenna. This one is sturdy and won't snap off like another aftermarket antenna did and it goes through car washes just fine. Haven't noticed any substandard reception.