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  • Amazon Customer - Best FPS Game I've played in years.

    I am writing this review for multi-player only. When it comes to FPS games, we haven't really gotten a huge hit for some time now. I have never been a fan of the Battlefield series and Battlefield Hartline and Battlefront nearly turned me off of the series forever. Then I saw some multi-player game play in a WW1 setting and my interest peaked. So I decided to give this a shot and I have to force my self to stop playing otherwise I'd be up all night playing. The testament to a good multi-player game to me is can I play this game by myself or only with friends. So far, the answer is a big yes. I haven't fealt this way since Call of Duty MW2. The massive WW1 setting is unlike anything I have played before and is perfect for a Battlefield game. If you haven't been satisfied with previous Battlefield titles like I have, give this a shot because it's so different than any FPS you will find today and most importantly, it's so much fun.

  • Diane Martin - Lost its suction

    After 2 charges, the battery continues to run the sweeper but the suction is absent. I've cleaned it out thoroughly but still fails to suck up the dirt on a linoleum floor. Not happy, want to return it.

  • user927 - Worked great for me!

    Got this today. I'm naturally blonde, and have light peach fuzz. I was skeptical about this working. I put a thin layer of the protective balm on, and rubbed it in past the area I wanted hair removal. Put the cream on my finger and it was thinner than I expected, but applied the thick layer over the balm with no problem. Besides the smell (gross), I had no problems. Wiped it off 7 minutes later and it worked perfectly! Every little hair gone. I plan on adding this to my beauty routine as needed. I do have thin/light hair, which I'm sure made it easier, but I'm very pleased with the results!

  • half-baked - aches and pains!

    Not sure if it's doing anything for my skin, etc. but one thing I do know is that I ache. like weird aching in the joints of my hips and down the backs of my thighs... so bad it keeps me awake at night. I've only read a couple of reviews that state this.... it might just be me and the bovine collagen. I'll try something else because I DO believe that supplements help... my 92 year old mother who is on only blood pressure meds (and just recently prescribed btw) takes a lot of 'natural' supplements to keep her healthy and strong...

  • Gilbert Gonzalez Morales - Man I'm in love with this shoes and my wife as well

    Man I'm in love with this shoes and my wife as well. They look sick and it seems like a high quality product. Feeling like buying another pairs.