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  • J. Parent - These are sturdy and a good size for any meal including dinner.

    What would I do without a large stock of paper plates on hand? I always have these in my house. I hate to run out of paper plates and have to wash dishes. These are sturdy and a good size.

  • Script Post - Home Run!

    My hair is 'unique' and not in a good way--thin, fine and, in humid weather, frizzy. Finding products that work best for my hair has been a major chore over the course of my 63 years of living. When I started turning gray and began coloring my hair, finding the right color was a major chore. Beauty shops didn't even make the job any easier; ninety-nine percent of the time I left hairdressers disappointed. Even though I eventually stumbled on a color that was okay, it was just that 'okay.' When I saw your ad I thought I'd try it. I answered the initial questions and supplied extra information in the comment box to explain that my hair tends to pull red and I don't look good with any red tones...but then if I go for ash to prevent any red, it doesn't look good either. Long story short(er) when I got my order and applied it, I almost super surprised with the results. The shade was perfect for me! My husband even said he liked it. Home Run! I definitely recommend this product!

  • Katherine Carter - Amazing Workout in less than 30 minutes.

    So I am on day six, and I love it. I currently feel like I am out of shape and he pushes you in the 25 minutes. I am covered in sweat from the workout and I am currently doing modified version. I got this just for a stress relief and I am so glad that I did. Today is STATurday and I've lost 8 lbs. I know!!!!!! I looked at the scale and was like this thing is wrong. Gave it ten minutes (like it needed to think about life I guess?), then came back and took my weight again. I am looking forward to continuing the next 9 weeks. I hope this helps you!

  • Robbie H. - It really works!

    I bought two of these cases for an upcoming trip to Hawaii because I didn't want to spend a ton on lifecases. We did the tissue test (place tissue in the case then submerge under water for 30 minute.) and no water got in. My son then gave it a more realistic test by taking it swimming. He jumped in the pool, threw it in the pool, did cannonballs and more, and no water got in. He took lots of underwater photos and videos and they looked great! You couldn't tell there was a layer of plastic between. I just ordered two more so my whole family has them for our trip. I highly recommend this product!

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic product, great price!

    Great price and great product! I have frizzy wavy hair and this helps to keep my hair in good condition, less frizzy. It also is soothing to my scalp - I normally have an itchy, dry scalp and need to use T-Gel a few times a week, but since I have used this shampoo almost daily I have hardly ever had to use the T-Gel! It is worth every penny!

  • sandrsmom - NOT for the mature woman!

    Being female I was naturally attracted to "BIC for her" (who can resist those pastels?!). Yet, these pens were somewhat of a disappointment. As a more mature woman, I am currently experiencing the symptoms of menopause. I can be in a perfectly good mood while writing a letter and without warning, in mid sentence, I will become so angry that I find myself using such excessive pressure on my pen that it shatters! Then there are the hot flashes, my hands became so sweaty that I could not keep a hold of that slim design, plus the ink smeared! Perhaps in your next endeavors, a "Female BIC for the mature" with a non-slip, steel reinforced grip, waterproof ink and a built in fan could find it's way onto the market!