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  • Ashley - I am really pleased with this video recorder

    I am really pleased with this video recorder. We ordered this camera to capture footage of our son playing sports and just everyday special moments.

  • Elizabeth Rogers - Worked fine for me

    What Amazon has here worked fine for me. I had the most recent software version installed on my PC for the trial version. Fortunately I saw this deal before I forked over 80.00 to Norton for renewal. Bought the download version, got my code, and had my Norton 360 activated in less than 2 minutes.

  • J. White - From Access 97 to Access 2010

    I created fifteen databases from 1998 to now to help me in the office, and one other to help me at home, all created in Access 97. I've been using these databases for years and the largest one has a file size of 60 Mb; Access 97 would not let me create new reports in that one. I decided to try Access 2010 and was surprised that all 16 databases converted without any problems, at least none detected so far. My home computer and office computer are both over six years old, running WinXP on an Socket A processor with old DDR memory. Access 2010 runs OK on these old systems. Access 2010 is a definite upgrade from 97, and as soon as I learned the menu changes, I was up and running. I am glad I started in Access 97 though because The Help resources are pitiful in 2010 and hitting the F1 key doesn't get you much. Creating macros in 2010 is very easy and I like the ease of exporting reports to pdf for emailing. My largest database has 19 tables, 120 queries, 66 forms/subforms, 122 reports/subreports, 40 macros and 2 modules - scrolling through the ribbon menu on the left can be dizzying and takes too much patience, but I like the organization of the menus at the top of the screen. I also like the organization of the extensive properties menus that pop up on the right, and I like that each time I click on a control on a form, the right-side properties menu changes automatically for that control; I can make changes on the fly. The new features on these menus are useful for tweaking. Although Access 2010 is not perfect, I can live with it. Internet resources may have to suffice in place of the Access 97 Help assets, at the cost of my time.

  • Kimberly Shaffer - awesome

    We purchased this for a 2008 Jeep Wrangler which we did a list on as well as new tires & wheels all the products that we use was ordered off of Amazon also what this unit does this help stabilize your steering on your Jeep we tried driving the Jeep with the left first but was not stable and had the Jeep wobble is everybody knows after installing this the Jeep drives like new love the product will buy again great great product

  • Joshua L Hagen - Love these mats for the price

    Love these mats for the price. Ive had them for almost a year and they are amazing. Definatly a great product