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  • Julious O. - Need existing hair to make work

    I'm mixed with African and phillipino. I tried using it when i had a low cut, in some areas where i had no hair at all. Unfortunately it didn't look natural. But I grew my hair out, and I applied the fibers then. that's when it looked more natural and blended. But u NEED hair for this to work. It is for thinning hair, not for a bald head....

  • Carolyn Clune - Hair Root Lift

    I have used this product for a couple of years and just love it. I know I purchased it in a local store before, but can no longer find it and was so pleased to find it on Amazon. I ordered one bottle for my sister recently to try and she said it made a big difference in giving her hair body, I have plenty of hair but it is very fine and so I need this for body. It works just great. I put it on while before I blow dry my hair. I squirt it in my hand about 6 squirts and the rub them together and rub into my hair/scalp. Then I dry it. Makes a big difference and holds the style for a long time.

  • DebKay - can't recommend it

    I ordered this product in December for myself and when I received it the tank simply would not stay on the steamer. I would have to somehow tie it on to use it! So I contacted Amazon and they quickly exchanged it for a new one. When I received the second one I realized by the way the second was packaged, every item enclosed in plastic or cardboard, that the first had been used before or maybe returned for some reason. The second one worked perfectly and I loved it for my wood laminate floors and linoleum floors but not so well on the hardwood floors. Which was fine because I was looking for a better way to clean wood laminate without all the streaking not to mention the fact that it sanitizes as well. I used the hand steamer for several things and loved it too. I live alone so I used the steamer on average once a month.After 3 months the steamer quit working. It stopped steaming. I called the Haan company because Amazon told me they could no longer help me after 30 days past purchase. They told me I should have used the Fresh Rinse packets that came with the steamer once or twice a month even if I only used it once a month. I was told it was broken because of this and to contact Amazon and have them email a proof of purchase, then email that to the Haan company and they would send me instructions on what to do next. I did what they asked and after one week and not hearing from them I called them and was told they received my proof of purchase but that they were in transition of policy where they were making so the company , like Amazon , who sold the product could take care of returns and they would contact me soon. After another week passed with no word from them I called back. They told me they had not received the proof of purchase and to send it again and they would send me an email telling me what to do from there. This is when I started asking questions. Will I receive a new one since this one was only 3 months old and used less than 10 times, he said no it would be a refurbished one. Who pays the shipping , I do, which I imagine would be substantial due to the weight. I felt like I got such a run around from them and such bad customer service from every man I talked to at the company was just disgusted that this steamer was less than 3 months old and had been used very little. It was my fault for not reading the manual closer to know that the packets need to be used way more often than I realized. I always used a mixture of white vinegar and water when I used the steamer so I thought that would also help with lime buildup. Nevertheless, I was not willing to pay the shipping and promptly told them I was throwing the item in the trash and that is what I intended to do. I got off the phone with them and filled the tank with vinegar, turned it on and it started steaming after a few minutes. I let it completely empty the tank of vinegar before turning it off. It is working fine now and I will be sure to use the Fresh Rinse packets or vinegar as I just did. I think the steamer does a good job. I am not sure it is worth the hassle.And if there is an issue, just know the Haan company is not easy to deal with and they have really bad customer service.I think the steamer is not a well made , durable product. 3 stars only because I like the way it works. zero stars for the customer service. I would not recommend just because of the problems I have had. I would not want others to have the same experience.

  • Sweengolly - Always beautiful

    You can buy these most anywhere and each year they're slightly different. We have been collecting them for about 20+ years because they are quite pretty. Swarovski is really tough to beat for cut crystal sparkle and Amazon pricing is always less than local stores.

  • Guy Gold - 2012

    Mark Hitchcock has done an excellent job writing this book and all Christians need to be informed re: 2012. The book is easy to read.

  • J. Ryan - Sure beats 2005

    We've needed to step up to a more recent version for quite some time, and this has all the latest bells and whistles included, such as the latest .Net components and Win8 specific controls. It's admittedly not as colorful as 2010, but I'm still looking forward to developing with it for the next few years.

  • ROBERT R ROSS - Its a good size for my rats

    Its a good size for my rats, they seem to be comfortable in it ..The assembly was done carelessly, one of the door handles was put on backwards and very hard to open, big dent in the bottom tray and the top section didnt fit properly...So I had to do some work in my shop to make everything work. Other than those things it is large and nice heavy wiring. I think for rats two large shelves would actually work better, however.