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DreamBody Medical Centers - Arizona Health & Wellness Center - DreamBody Medical Centers is the premier medical center in Arizona for liposuction, weight-loss treatments, HCG diet, & age and pain Management procedures.

  • http://dreambodycenters.com/why-us/index.html About DreamBody Medical Centers of Scottsdale, Arizona - Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, DreamBody Medical Centers specializes in liposuction, weight management, pain management & age management solutions since 2009
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  • http://dreambodycenters.com/internet-specials Internet Specials | Liposuction, Prolotherapy & Age Management - Get the best deals, coupons and specials for liposuction, age management, prolotherapy, Botox and more. Great ways to save money to look and feel younger.
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  • Engineer - Buggy Program, Marginal Support

    Program is buggy, especially the help function in Outlook. Running on Win 7, Pro, Outlook worked OK for a few days. Microsoft support fixed the problem and their fix lasted for a few more days. When this problem was called to their attention, I was told to pay $100 for support for 30 days and $150 for one year. The support comes from the Philippines and is so-so. Being an experienced computer user and engineer I declined. I was able to find a fix online that involved deleting all of the history from Internet Explorer. The agent who fixed the problem after it surfaced reloaded all of Office, requiring me to stay on the line for 1-2 hours. Later I had to reset all of my preference settings in Office. Other companies offer much better support on their products. I am shocked that the Microsoft Knowledge Base has not identified the root cause of a problem had by many users. After all, the product has been out I'd guess for at least a year. My guess is that migrating the 2010 version of Office to being Cloud-capable is responsible. I've used Office for a long time and the product seems to be getting worse.

  • Robert Bailin - Street Atlas USA 2012 Plus is a big disappointment

    I purchased the new Street Atlas USA 2012 Plus directly from Delorme in late January 2012 shortly after they released it publicly. As a longtime user of Street Atlas since verion 3, I was looking forward to finally seeing some of the many map corrections I had submitted over the past couple of years.

  • Beata Allen - Can't sleep without it!

    I have restless leg syndrome. I can't get comfortable and my legs twitch all night long even when I sleep. This is hard on me and my husband. When I take Natural Calm, my legs relax and I'm able to get a good nights rest.

  • jpopat - Diverse

    Great selection of short stories and very educational. Something you probably wouldn't come across in selective reading. I recommend this.