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  • Terry - Garbage

    Apparently this works great for some and horribly for others. I was able to set it up and connect to my wifi, but when I try to use the functions such as scheduling and simply turning the device on and off with the app it will constantly disconnect and I get nowhere!!! Very frustrating, I will be sending it back. I really wanted this to work but all it did was waste my time.

  • Carolyn - Best elliptical for the price

    I did a lot of research on ellipticals, and went to a few stores to physically try a few out before deciding to purchase the Sole E55. It's best feature is the adjustable foot pads, which no other elliptical has. If you tend to be tip-toed at some points when using an elliptical, the Sole brand can be adjusted for that so you won't make your feet go numb, shift around on the steps, and less knee pain. By far the best thing about Sole is the customer support. I had read older reviews that complained about service, but they most definitely have remedied that. We assembled ours, possible if you are patient, and apparently one of the wires got pinched during assembly. A couple weeks later I was having problems with the incline adjustment, took a couple covers off to look, and found the damaged wire. One email to Sole (through their website) and my new part arrived in a couple of days. They were very nice, even though I admitted we assembled it and must have pinched the wire. Great customer service, something we need more of. I love the elliptical, it's very sturdy, works great, and has a variety of programs. It is heavy, so put it where you want to keep it. Assembly instructions are well written, almost no problems there either. Good product.

  • jjmelo - Awesome stuff. Fresh and consistent thickness

    Best filament I've found online. Very consistent thickness and great quality, plus, free stickers! I've ordered 4 spools of this stuff.