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  • Chentl Deneasha - 🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐

    Just like always never disappoints me keep doing your thing had me reading this book like I was apart of the family when you was bringing the other characters in I'm like yeap yeap you have to read money and Montana to l is who Bonnie is lol. I know part 2 is going to be even better salute to you

  • timbo0310 - Very good book

    Book is extremely helpful. Full of comprehensive material, great test taking strategies, and very detailed explanations. Would definitely recommend to others.

  • MayaG - Healthy Eating

    Essential oils is an interesting field. This product isn't intended to have you drop mega weight quickly, but it does do the trick in terms of making you more aware of appetite suppression, intake of more water and healthy eating overall. Seems healthy lifestyle is a journey and not a quick fix. Americans tend to be lazy when it comes to their own health and I can say it because I'm one of them.

  • ACTUAL Fighter Pilot - Stay in your lane

    Before you read a book about how to "Become a Fighter Pilot in 2011 and Beyond," you should probably make sure the author is ACTUALLY a fighter pilot, because in this particular instance, he is not. In fact, by the time this book went to print, this kid had never even stepped foot in a jet, let alone a fighter jet. This book is the equivalent of a virgin writing a book about how to become a pornstar. I was so inspired by his writing, that I think I'm going to write a book about how to become President of the United States. Let's break this book down by chapter.

  • Amazon Customer - An editor would help this author

    This book started out as a nice little sci-fi story but turned into a bad young adult romance novel. The author has some talent and she could have turned this into a good story but switching genres in the middle of the book made me stop reading.

  • brolord - love everything about it except it doesnt have a pace ...

    i bought this because its water proof. love everything about it except it doesnt have a pace counter, you have to actively engage a workout on your phone for it to count anything, also meaning your phone has to stay with you if you want this thing to record a workout. except for swimming, swimming it will record and then transmit to your phone. i wish it had a heart rate monitor.

  • Kindle Customer - If you don't feel like drinking a lot of water one day SKIP your ...

    Mike is right, drink water! Lots of it! I drink 32 oz before I take it in the morning and another 32 oz within an hour of taking it! I've also noticed the least amount of side effects if I use the restroom prior to taking it. If you don't feel like drinking a lot of water one day SKIP your dosage! Not drinking A TON of water has resulted in nausea, an upset stomach, and feelings of lethargy for me! Stay SUPER hydrated guys! Always listen to your body, everybody is different.