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  • Mariella - Great Shampoo So Far!

    I used to have beautiful long, thick, wavy brown hair. Everyone told me that it was beautiful and not to dye it ever. Of course being somewhat stubborn I didn't listen to anyone and starting dying my hair right after my 20th birthday. I am now 23 and am an unnatural blonde. After three years of highlights, bleach, and overall treating my hair harshly it is severely damaged. I have decided to no longer dye my hair and to let it grow out naturally to avoid anymore damage. One of my friends had used this shampoo and recommended it to me to help repair my damaged hair and to help it to grow. I have been using this shampoo every other day in conjunction with the conditioner for about one month now. Before using this product my hair had very slow growth, about 1/4 inch a month. In the past month it has grown about 1.5 inches and it has been so much healthier. I also get deep conditioning treatments once a month to help repair the damage I caused. I will continue using this product in the hopes that it helps me achieve long beautiful locks again. So far the results I have seen are very promising.

  • Shepherd Family - My favorite feature is the light on it

    This arrived on time and as expected. When I opened it I was impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. My favorite feature is the light on it. Tells me its working. My first time using it plugged it in before bed. When I came out in the morning I saw a few bugs out and about. The instructions told me this should happen as they are clearing out. I am happy to announce that I rarely if ever see a bug in my home. I am happy with this product. I would recommend this to a friend. I received this at a discount in exchange for my honest review. However I would happily pay full price and am glad I got the chance to try it.

  • A. Scarpero - Use with caution

    This product works specially if you are young and your teeth are not terrible stained by age, coffee, tea and other agents.

  • Mike Holmes - Want More Virgil Flowers!

    John Sandford is one of my favorite authors, and he never disappoints. Always a challenging, enjoyable read. Virgil Flowers is a great character,

  • All Reviews Matter - Great Set and the price is great!

    This set of Vacuum bags is a very nice set and the price was great as well. I own this set and purchased a second set and gave it to a family member as they were moving.