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EDC dermatology – Dermatology Center | Dermatologists - The Center for Dermatologic Diseases in Limassol offers specialist diagnosis and treatment of skin and venereal diseases in both adults and children.

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City: 33.0379 Limassol, Cyprus

  • Bforboss9 - I am thankful that I was too young to ever be a part of the super thin eyebrow stage because I only had some patchy ...

    This worked very well for me. Look out Cara!! I am thankful that I was too young to ever be a part of the super thin eyebrow stage because I only had some patchy spots I wanted to fix with this. It worked for me! Within the first couple of applications I could already tell there was a difference. I did receive this at a promo discount, but even their current sale price makes it worth it!! Try it out you guys!

  • Candyc17 - One of 2016 best reads! You are gonna love Kaz!

    One of the absolute best reads of 2016! Kaz and Lara's journey is a roller coaster of emotions in the best sense of the word. Both of them seem to find one another when they need someone the most. With what these two have to go through in order to come together you are in for quite a ride. The most amazing part about The Revolution is that SL Scott has been truly able to capture their emotions, their love, and the idea of family in the truest sense of the word. When it gets down and dirty both Kaz and Lara have their Resistance family, their actual families, and each other to get through everything. From start to finish I was captivated with every last word written. Deserves more than 5 stars

  • James R. Meldrum - Doesn't load on windows 8

    This my 6th purchase of MS streets & trips. I made this purchase because MS screwed with my registry of 2 earlier versions that had been running on my laptop for a number of years. I still have 2 older versions running on a laptop that doesn't get on the internet where MS can have access. When I attempted to load this new software it complained about earlier versions. I uninstalled both versions but then it complained about a trial version. I possess no trial versions of any software. It should be noted that the software loaded on my wife's desk top computer running windows 7. It has no internet access. I travel full-time and use mapping software several times a week. I decided to go with the Delorme product which is far superior but involved a greater learning curve.