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  • Tina - Yay! Roe is back!

    I have missed Roe so much since the last book. When I got my copy of All the Little Liars today, I am embarrassed to say that I completely ignored my family. From the time I opened the cover, I didn't do another thing until I read the last page.

  • Keely B Webb - Love it!

    Love these pills. How I found out about them was someone I knew was taking them to help with their weight loss. So me being curious, they let me try them. I only took one, just so I could see how my body would react. My body accepted it with no rejections. As soon as I took the pill, I was full of energy and my appetite was suppressed. In just two days, I had lost 2 pounds. The moment I took that pill, I was hooked. Went to Walmart and found it on the aisle where they keep their other diet supplements. If you buy from Walmart, do so now because they have it on sale for two bottles ( a months) for $19.98. The regular price is $39.99. This stuff really works well ALONG with a proper diet and exercise program. I would recommend this to anyone trying to boost their weight loss routine.

  • Amazon Customer - I've been a loyal Quicken user over 20 years, BUT DON'T BUY THIS PRODCUT

    I recently upgraded to Quicken 2014 Home & Business. For several weeks it has worked, although it has been a little quirky. After entering data for about 12 hours last night, I initiated a manual backup and Quicken crashed. I opened Quicken again and it said the data file was in use by another program. I shut down every nonessential process, no luck. Rebooted several times, no luck. Spent 2 hours chatting with tech support. That's when I discovered my data file had gone from over 780 mb to only 28 kb. It destroyed my data. Luckily I back up after every use, but it will take days to reconstruct this disaster as I have already shredded the images that I put in Quicken. I have also learned that to go back to the 2013 version, I will lose all data entered since the upgrade. I have used Quicken for over 20 years and routinely buy each new upgrade. I am floored that they would release such a poorly tested product and make it next to impossible to get support. I have never written a review before, but I am hoping no one has to go through what I am about to go through . . . trying to reconstruct lost data because the program(not a hard drive failure, fire, theft, etc.) destroyed it. I repeatedly asked the agent on the chat line to elevate this issue to the engineers in the US, but was told I was a high as I could go. They offered a number for phone support, but stated that the support over the phone was very poor. I am hoping that by putting this review on Amazon, Intuit will see it and fix there product (it would also be nice if they would help restore the file their program destroyed).