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    Country:, Asia, KR

    City: 126.9741 , Republic of Korea

  • mike m. - Props for service

    First set of 4 was packed poorly in a oversized box with nothing between them. Not surprisingly, they got jostled and 2 of them were damaged, seals broken, chemical everywhere (no, it's not hazmat). But in typical amazon fashion, they hustled out two replacements free of charge, and just a quickly. So the 5 stars is for service. As for the product, I put them in a basement with dehumidifiers running to, so who can tell?

  • Jeremy W - Some critical functions don't work

    I liked Creator back in the Adaptec days, but when it went to Roxio and picked up the "shiny chrome" interface performance went to crud and I switched to Nero. Now that both are bloated and inconsistent I found myself in need of a new burning program to go with the new PC and OS. I decided to try Creator Pro 2011 and it installed and runs fine. Basic home movie editing works well. Copying of data CDs and DVDs worked. Creating data CDs and DVDs worked. Trying to create any video BluRays or BluRay iso files seemed to succeed until you try to actually use them. I figured the physical disc issue might be my laptop, so I uninstalled from laptop and tried on the workstation - still failed. The iso file creation should have worked on either. - when I tried to mount it, burn it, or even open it with another program to view the files inside i got an error that it was an invalid file.

  • Amazon Customer - Worth every penny!

    Box is amazing!! Worth every penny. I've tried a couple other of the cheap sub boxes available for under the back seat and they are all the same and sound like crap. They are a quarter of the price as this box so it took me awhile to justify spending this much just on the box but when I finally did I wish I did it so long ago. It's amazing how great this box is. Even with just basic kicker subs in it they hit so hard and the sound quality is amazing!! Had to install the spacers under the back seat and that was kind of a pain but after that was out of the way man was it worth it!!