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  • Moonrise Unicorn - Bug ridden, almost unusable.

    Without a doubt, this is the worst release of Office I've ever worked with. To start with, the product keeps bugging me that it couldn't verify my Office 365 subscription. That might be because I don't have an Office 365 subscription and purchased Home and Student 2016 instead. But despite the fact that I have a valid license for Office 2016 Home and Student, and the licensing info in the software says it is valid, it still keeps bugging me about not being able to verify my Office 365 subscription.

  • D. Miao - False Advertising BUYER BEWARE!!! No wifi Link feature on cheap blue option

    This Item was returned because it was not the "LINK" Wifi enabled device. This item is advertised as having it but price point is cheaper because this feature is missing from the device. If your are fine with never using the app to check the air quality or any of the smart features then this is fine. Everything else should work as intended and work the same. So if your looking at the cheaper one just be careful as this is why its cheaper and not the color.

  • J Morris - Everything you need in a socket set in an easily, portable case!

    Perfect set comes with everything you need in sockets. The material is thick, heavy duty as well as the case. The case easily snaps shut and stays closed even when being tossed around. The case is about the size (length & width) of a shoe box (although not as tall).

  • Jalaunii O. - Different but still good.

    Not like the old sorry but very similar. With new rules and additions I expected to get a much more similar version to the original sorry but this version is great as well. Some more rules and a little time needed to fully grasp the game but it was fun and the power ups made a very interesting game for my family. Good game all in all. Each color comes with 3 tokens.

  • E. Younts - We enjoy hunting for new quarters as a family and seeing ...

    My son is so excited about collecting these quarters - he has already filled one of the state maps and now this new series is out. We enjoy hunting for new quarters as a family and seeing if we have it. My 3rd grader is learning where the states are and now what national parks or monuments are in the states. Win win!

  • Keith F. Rosenfeld - easy install - very much improved interface

    The best QuickBooks upgrade in years. The new interface really helps get things done faster - and you can now export more than 256 columns to Excel.

  • Tony - Can not download current issue

    I have had the worse time trying to download the new issue of Cooking Light. I'm assuming with the new upgrade is actually a downgrade and there is not a customer service you can contact when you actually have a problem.