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  • Andy - The Best

    This is by far the best investment I have made in my home PC upgrading history over the years. If you are viewing this product seriously you probably already know all of the reasons why this is true. The standard HDD is the most common bottleneck in a performance PC due to its less speedy nature compared to the rest of the tech in the rig. Replacing that old mechanical drive with a shiny new SSD takes care of that little issue and brings with it a host of new juicy options for your system.

  • Exercise Queen - Great Bag

    Not quite a messenger but bigger than an average shoulder bag. It has a lot of handy pockets and separators that help me keep my bag organized. I wish the strap was about 6-8 inches longer and I think the cam buckle is unnecessary for the smaller versions of this bag (I removed mine) and the strap pad is also a bit much for such a small/light bag.

  • Emefbee - Would give it 4+ stars only because i didn't love every essay but I loved almost all of them

    Would give it 4+ stars only because i didn't love every essay but I loved almost all of them. Wonderful collection.

  • Heather Lightsey - My results

    I'm on my 4th bottle of night cream and my 3rd bottle of day cream. I started using this because a friend of my daughter's was really bragging about it. She is the brand partner. I wasn't crazy about jumping into a pyramid scheme, but I did it because she was very sure about her results and others. The first bottle of night cream (one that she gave me) actually made my skin softer in appearance and my eyes seemed brighter/lifted. So I decided to try the free for life special they had going. This special was if you preorder the $80 night cream for 3 months you will receive their day cream free forever. That isn't true really. The first bottle of night cream that came in the mail was a darker color and didn't dry right. It was thicker and went on like putty which was different than my first experience. I couldn't get half way through with this bottle. My skin became red. My skin burned and in the morning I woke up with small welps as if it were burned skinned. I stopped using both creams (day/night) to see if my skin would improve. I had also at the same time experienced allergies (outdoor - mold/pollen) and had been taking allergy medicine. Thinking that the combination of the medicine and the cream was the problem after my allergies had subsided, I tried the cream again. No, this was a big mistake. It burned the first time I wiped it on. I have not used the product in 2 weeks. My skin isn't red anymore, but my under eye wrinkles have worsened and my skin is extremely dry and sensitive now. I called the brand partner that sold it to me and told her my issues and that I wanted to cancel. It took quite a while to get her attention (2 weeks of phone tag) but she finally stopped the automatic order but wants me to share my story with the company. She can't get anyone from the company to call her back. I have unused bottles that I've paid for that I can't use. I'm hoping they will reimburse me, but they have to call back and so far nothing. So much for the free for life..........This is my story...good luck

  • Jae Paik - Great car seat

    I suppose I can't compare it to any other child seat, except for the Britax B-Safe 35 that came with our Britax stroller.

  • Allison Davis - It's got beautiful photos and a wonderful variety of recipes that are ...

    This cookbook arrived today and I can't stop poring through it. It's got beautiful photos and a wonderful variety of recipes that are anything BUT run-of-the-mill but easy to prepare I'm so excited to cook everything in it!

  • Amazon Customer - Beautiful Arrangement - But Ghastly Recording

    All these starts given above are for the Arrangement and the show as a whole. The quality of the recording is an absolute horror. Smothered down Highs, Lose bass... This Recording cannot light a candle to anything else done by The Really Useful Theatre group. I don't know who approved this mix and master to go out on production.