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  • Oldyeller - This was the best 9. 50 I had spent on the truck ...

    Bought an 2002 explorer that needed some fixes here and there. Someone had attempted to install a single din radio, very poorly. Was a combination of this bezel, tape and some paper jammed here and there. This was the best 9.50 I had spent on the truck so far. Very easy to install. Clean look.

  • Maezeppa - Lasts at Least 18 Months in the Refrigerator

    Sugru is bang-on great. Just make sure you don't try shortcuts like skipping over ensuring surfaces are clean and oil-free, or not kneading the Sugru for a while to make sure it's fully consistent.

  • T. Ho - (5/5) Great Mouse Pad for the Price

    This is a great mouse pad for its price (Under $10)! People can easily spend a lot more for basically the same quality and feel; therefore, I highly recommend getting this mouse pad for FPS games, light to moderate Photoshopping, and for everything else! This mouse pad can help your mice glide better especially if you have mice that you can adjust the DPI levels. I use a Logitech G500 and my mouse picks up every movement! Take note that if you Photoshop pictures extensively, you may want to get something bigger since you may run out of mouse pad area when you use very low DPI settings.

  • Holvick - GREAT!

    I am getting old and my knees seem to hurt more all the time. I got these knee sleeves because we were moving and I knew that I was going to be carrying lots of boxes up and down stairs. These sleeves are very comfortable and easy to put on. Unlike many other sleeves that I have purchased in the past these did not roll or slip in any way. GREAT! I hate having to stop what I am doing and fix my knee brace/sleeve. I had an ACL repair last summer and am still working to get my knee strong again. There are days that I just need the extra support that this sleeve gives. These sleeves are thick enough to give great support for my knee during activities. They were a great help during our move. They do get a little hot but nothing that I cannot live without, and not any hotter than other sleeves that I have. Great product for anyone with knee problems or pain. I am very happy with these sleeves and can recommend them.