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Inicio - José Luis Alonso Berrocal. Grupo de investigación REINA. Universidad de Salamanca.Cibermetría Recuperación Información

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -5.6639 Salamanca, Spain

  • Robert Wurst - Not happy with the result.

    August 2013, I covered my concrete patio with Rust oleum Restore, following the directions to the letter. I first scrubbed the surface with muriatic acid, then rinsed the surface, then pressure washed the surface. Waited for it to dry for several days and then applied the coating with two applications. It looked great and we were pleased with the outcome. But, spring of 2014, I noticed several places where the coating had come off. Upon further inspection, I discovered that much of the patio was flaking off. I have been in contact with Rustoleum and was assured that they would give me a full refund. But this does not cover my labor. I spent many hours carefully preparing the surface. I am now searching for a coating or stain that will stay on the surface for more than one half season.

  • Joe b - This collection of year's best is always worth reading

    This collection of year's best is always worth reading. I hope they never stop printing them. Moving pieces by big names to no names. Just writers dealing it raw to the reader, willing to take you on trips you never would have imagined.

  • Buman - The real thing

    Finally a complete work out that really works (therefore that also means that its Kinect feature works!) It is also challenging as well. No stupid Avatar: you see yourself. Great collection of exercises as well as the Yoga part. Very very well done....

  • Linja - Worth every star!

    I bought several of these oval brushes to test out. This one truly has great craftsmanship that came in a nice box. When I tried some other cheaper dupes, the finish wasn't anything special and they felt flimsy. But this brush gave me an airbrushed look, was the perfect size and very beautiful. I tested this on the foundation I hated the most and guess what? It blended perfectly for the first time. No other brush has given me such a flawless finish.

  • Stacy L. - What's on your list today??

    I've fallen into the adult coloring book addiction. This is not only a coloring book, it's a day planner too!! The pictures in it are fabulous. It is spiral bound and not one of those cheap spirals that gets snagged on stuff. If you need a day planner and want to be a coloring addict too, I highly recommend this item. You will love it!

  • Andrew Hansen - YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT!!!!

    I just started using this study material two weeks ago and I am already seeing drastic results, especially in the math section. The videos used in this section are a perfect refresher for those who do not quite remember the middle/high school math. Furthermore, this study material is on your computer, where as most other products are out of a text book. Since it is on the computer, it makes this product the most similar to the actual DAT. Needless to say, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is studying for the DAT.