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    Country:, Europe, IT

    City: 9.2 Milan, Italy

  • ChicMom - Smaller size than it used to be

    This shrunk! We loved this book when it was a very oversized, huge board book. Now it is way smaller and harder to see all the pictures.

  • Bridget - Compromises without flaws.

    More chip details: AMD E2-7110 processor, 4GB of Kingston PC3-12800 RAM (1x DDR3-1600, 1.35V), a 31.3Gb BHT WR202 eMMC, Intel Bluetooth and 3165 802.11ac wireless (no kidding), Realtek RTL8101E Fast Ethernet, Realtek SD Card reader (via USB2), TPM 2.0, HP webcam, Elan touchpad, HP HS03 11.1V/31Wh 3 cell battery and 45W 19.5V 2.31A wall adapter. In the box is a OneDrive card for 100GB/2yrs. GPU uses 512M of available RAM.

  • Perry - Samsung SSDs are Awesome.

    Again, This is the 3rd or 4th Samsung SSD I have bought from Amazon. All came in the 2-day prime period and each one has worked perfectly out-of-the-box. In my opinion Samsung is one of the best brands around/ I have used a 500GIG on my Desktop and two 250 GIGS on two ACER netbooks. All have worked perfectly. The speed increase is not short of amazing on boot-up.

  • Margaret Smith - A SPARKLING WHITE SMILE

    Okay, mea culpa ... I smoke -- but only occasionally and only outside, so few except close friends know about my socially unacceptable habit. I use the Supersmile Whitening System to keep my teeth stain-free. It works like a champ, even on aging, previously yellowing teeth like mine. Once I had achieved a state of toothsome whiteness, I stopped using the product twice daily and now brush with it only once every couple days. My grin still sparkles. It is important to use a dry toothbrush and brush thoroughly in gentle circles for a full two minutes, even though you might drool a little while doing this. The results are gradual, but ultimately pleasing and far less expensive than most other approaches to tooth whitening. I highly recommend this product to you.

  • Hunter's mom - Absolutely worth it

    Helps with my pco😀 I have not had a period for about 6 months and started to feel better right after I started taking this I seem to have more Energy and less a months of taking I got my period!!!! 👏🏾 now I hope to conceive soon! 🌟