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City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Nikki A - Still love this treadmill!

    I know it says that this model is discontinued however it was 5 yrs ago when I order my Sole F80 and by far it is still the best piece of workout equipment I have ever invested in. It is sturdy. The tread is flex and the length of the belt is plenty long for me at 5'6" to have a nice stride that's not compromised. I highly recommend Sole for any of their equipment- high quality at an affordable price for your home gym. In 5 yrs the only problem that I've had is the fact that the stickers on the machine tend to curl up from being in my garage gym. Great treadmill- it's one of the first things I show people that come visit me for the first time. Thanks Sole!

  • Nancy - Beautiful ornament! I received it quickly and it was ...

    Beautiful ornament! I received it quickly and it was securely packaged and arrived safely. I love this ornament series - this is the fourth year.

  • NCRed74 - Too strong a smell for me

    I had to move the unopened package into the basement within a hour of arrival because the smell was so strong that my eyes watered and I kept sneezing. I was still hopeful I could use a couple in my basement but I have an old house and the basement isn't sealed very well, so the too-strong odor wafted up and continued to wreak havoc with my sinuses.

  • John Greenfield - Sucks!

    The problem with this and other "security software" products is, you have no idea what they're doing. They say they are protecting you but never tell you what is happening as they do their work. Who is trying to break in. What threats are they turning away etc. I find that infuriating and unsatisfactory. I want a real time accounting of what's happening. Everything else is total BS. If a Russian mobster tries to break in I want at least a pop up window that says so. If I want to be advised of this every time I want the option to say so or not. Everyone talks about transparency but no one practices it.

  • Havinggreatfun - Norwex antibacterial cloths are revolutionary!

    Norwex enviro cloth has silver embedded in the cloth which makes it antibacterial. In simple terms, the microfibers cling to anything that is wiped up and the silver that is embedded in the cloth annihilates 99.9% of any bacteria the cloth wipes up by not allowing the bacteria to feed on its food sources. Norwex microfiber cloths leave surfaces clean with just the use of water! They are simple to clean! After using, rub the cloth against itself under hot running water; the rubbing action makes the microfibers work against one another, causing them to release much of what they have wiped up. To launder, use Norwex Ultra Power Plus or All Free and Clear detergent in a washing machine (don't launder with things that have excessive lint, like towels), or boil them (2-3 times a year) in plenty of water with a pinch of Norwex Ultra Power Plus to get the fibers to release all the yucky things they have wiped up. Amazing product! Dry flat or hang up. Don't leave in a crumpled mess. Never use bleach on Norwex cloths! The enviro cloth is perfect coupled with the window polishing cloth to clean windows, mirrors, chrome and marble! First, wipe surface with a damp enviro cloth and then polish with the Window Polishing Cloth. You will be AMAZED at how clean and shiny your surfaces are. I am impressed by Norwex' exceptional products and only wish I had found them sooner!

  • Happy46 - Mine works

    I went out and bought a Nuface a few days ago. I can see some subtle changes already and I definitely feel the tightening... My skin looks so healthy and rested. I'm really sorry for the ones it didn't work for because I have bought products that haven't worked for me but they did for other people. I love mine and will continue to use it. Thanks Nuface...