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  • Vicki Sunshine - good reading over a bowl of cereal

    I liked the dad being a superhero. He did cool things like breath under water, he had x-Ray vision and he could stretch as long as he needed. I'm almost 10 years old and I think this is a good book for 1st and 2nd grade kids.

  • LanieH - Great for Any Woman Even if You Aren't Pregnant...

    I am not pregnant nor am I nursing a baby. In fact, my baby is now in his 20's. I do take prenatal vitamins for a few reasons.

  • Frothbyte - Not as easy as it looks... but works great!

    I just have to say, this isn't as easy to apply as you see in the videos. But it does work! It does take some practice though. Be warned, it doesn't work too well with short hair. I usually sport a buzz cut to help minimize my balding look, and it seems that I'll need to start growing my hair longer than it's current half-inch length if I want to use this product properly.

  • John M - Not a Great tv for a low price.

    This TV started out great but after i really sat and watched i noticed alot of judder (jerky/stuttering) this was worse from side to side camera movements. I changed hdmi cables 3 times (monster and audio quest were 2 of them) i even tried my ps4 and of course adjusted all the settings for hours. I finally have given up and im returning it. I dont believe this tv is meant for 4k. Its more like an upper end 1080p. The 60hz refresh just wont cut it. Its not 120 like advertised. I will end up looking for a 240hz. Its not bad until the camera moves quickly and thats when you get blur and judder. Im surprised more people arent complaining about this.