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  • S. J. Lobo - Amazing book and Fantastic Shipping, Amazon!

    This book is simply amazing, very easy to follow and learn. It explains basic concepts, and has some useful material - in the book as well as online - that will help you. I frankly didn't even need the study guide; I thought the book by itself was great for me. The authors have taken a lot of trouble with detailing and giving examples, for someone new to finance to pick up on. There are chapters on financial statements, time value of money, bonds, risk, stocks valuation, financial forecasting, capital costs & budgeting, cash flow estimation, financial planning, corporate valuation, IPO's, working capital management, and a whole lot more (don't let the size of the book scare you!). If there is something you didn't understand, you can always use the one-year access card (one per book) to their online resources, and download the excel spreadsheets for each chapter. There are also 4 web chapters for more information. Online, they have explained how they work out questions in the book. The examples are very realistic, outlining actual companies and incidents that have occurred in the US. This edition (12th) has more end-of-chapter problems than the previous editions.

  • rebecca winters - Inaccurate label

    This product has definitely changed. I have an allergy to sucralose that results in a very specific reaction and pain. The label states no artificial ingredients, which is untrue. The product contains sucralose.

  • Gift Card Recipent - VERY NASTY!! It works buy it :D

    I ordered this thing thinking it wouldn't smell that bad and boy was I wrong. It stunk up the WHOLE floor at my school. They even had to evacuate one of the class rooms. But be careful because it CAN get you expelled. They're threatening to expel me for it. They just dint have any proof. But im not gonna get caught(; When you smell it it stinks up a LARGE area at a time like I said it stinks up the whole floor :D BUY ITT!!

  • Candace Spaulding - Ugh Horrible

    I was so excited to get this so I finally had something to use when I worked out, and to my surprise it sucked.. It wouldnt allow me to download anything to it, called the company for support and they had no ideal what they were even talking about. But I got my refund and it was easy to return.

  • Naomi Pool - SO EASY TO USE, and contains all accurate information.

    I purchased the 2014 not 2013. It was extremely easy to use, and as accurate as the official I-9. The spiral bound made it easily-accessible. I used this at an introductory level and would recommend it as your first I-9 manual. I love Carol Buck's twist on the coding books. She makes them fun and very user-friendly. Carol Buck has hands down taught me to love coding and my coding books from the very start. It is also easy to transition to the official manuals as well as I-10 with her books. I just wish they would come out with a spiral-bound ICD-10 draft manual as well!

  • gymgirl87 - Cooconut

    love!!! Hair feels so soft, shampoo and this are great together. Makes my hair feel and look shiny and healthy. Plus i love the coconut scent! Will buy again if i don't find another organix product to fall in love with ;)