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  • blitz - Lots of problems

    I have been using Access since 1997. I upgraded to Access 2002 ten years ago to use hyperlinks. I got Access 2010 today, used it for two hours, and am returning it. I am using Win 7 Pro. The first problem is that Access 2010 is about three times slower than Access 2002 when operating in Win 7 Pro. The second problem is that it issues a warning every time I click on a hyperlink to a location in my computer, even when I said to trust the link. Among my many hyperlinks, I have a lot of hyperlinks to tif files. I get warnings even for these (whoever heard of a virus in a tif file?). This is a known bug in Access even back to 2002, yet Microsoft still has not fixed it. The workaround for all these warnings is to create a folder with an html file for each tif file, which would be a real bother, and still I would have to click twice. There is a Microsoft site which talks about solving these problems by fooling around with the Registry and writing some stuff in it. Unfortunately, the address in the Registry they want me to go to so I can add the stuff does not exist. The third problem is the "new" features like ribbons and the navigation pane. These are just rearrangements of the old menus.

  • yafman - the Cadillac of bluetooth headsets

    i have been using voyager headsets for quite some time - starting with the 510 and upgrading to the voyager pro, so it was only a matter of time before i purchased the legend, and so far, so good. it feels as though every issue i had with the voyager pro has been remedied with this product.

  • bcstolja - The solution for our current national crisis!

    The author offers a concrete solution to the evil that is threating our nation. As we come back to the Constitution we see the genius vision of our founding fathers. From any religious perspective, this is a must read.

  • azim300 - Sturdy mount

    Bough this to mount a 65" Toshiba TV bases upon reviews. Its thin, sturdy, and mounts fairly flush to the wall which is what I was looking for. The added bonuses are the free HDMI cable and the cable ties. About the only thing I would suggest would be buying some of the angled HDMI adapters to use with your TV since this mount is so close to the wall. You may need them depending on how your ports are placed.