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Country:, Asia, JP

City: 135.52 Ōsaka, Japan

  • D&S - Good quality holy basil - not the best, but good for the money.

    This has a lovely fresh smell and the caps are easy to swallow. It seems to have less additives than many other inexpensive brands. It should smell fragrant.

  • Dr. Smith - Lasted 6 - 8 months for 40-gallon (bi-weekly) + 20-gall aquarium (weekly). Great stuff, will keep buying.

    Fantastic stuff. I use for my African clawed frogs. One bottle has lasted me about 6 months refilling a 40 gallon breeder every other week and a 20-gallon breeder weekly. Hasn't caused any harm to my frogs and they're all in healthy condition.

  • Joshua Skeels - Very nice cup, not so great lid and straw

    The cup itself is fantastic, high quality, and very insulating for cold water on my night stand all night. The lid is not insulated at all, and does not screw tight and seal fully, so do not expect to put this in a bag, and it will spill when my cat tips it over; it will spill even with the lid on. And I can't imagine some people like the metal straw, it is loud scraping the bottom, doesn't hold tightly in place by the lid, and doesn't feel good to put to your mouth. Overall I am happy enough to drink through the mouthpiece in the lid without the straw, but I would be happier with a better insulated and sealing lid and a plastic straw.

  • Jennifer Jones - just dance 2015

    Best game ever and very fun to play. Newer versions get better and better. Had this game for a few weeks now and the kids have played it almost everyday! Great exercise and lots of fun. Loved most of the songs and dances on this new game.

  • Denise - Doesn't play well with Win10 NAS

    I have used True Image Home 2009 for a long time, and it worked fine. I have a brand new Windows 10 computer, however, and this product seems not quite ready for prime time. True Image has a split personality with many configuration options aimed at the complete novice user, while others require highly specialized attention. The basic task of performing a system backup to my network attached storage system is apparently considered an extremely advanced problem. In any event, Acronis routinely aborts with a cryptic 'error occurred while writing' message box... Unfortunately, I really don't have the time or patience to collect the mountain of data requested by 'customer support.'