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  • Kvo Clai - Do it, don't think about it.

    Honestly I can't believe how good this looks. I read a review that said it looks like a garage floor. I think it looks at least as good or possibly even better than laminate. I do have a couple of recommendations. If you have the ability to remove your sink, do it. Spend a lot of time prepping, taping, and sanding. It will pay off in the end. At the end of the day I am happy with my kitchen's appearance, and I would recommend this to anyone that is even half considering it.

  • Amazon Customer - Everything I needed it to be.

    This item is of great quality. It is expensive. I found it convenient and comfortable to carry around in the airport.

  • Karmatastrophe - RENT THIS

    I have been an Adobe customer for 16 years, but I will never rent software from Adobe. I would pay to have the software outright, practically any amount, right now, while I have good income. But what happens when I lose my job? Then I have to figure out how to use some other software package? No thanks. GIMP is now my software of choice. I can supplement with Manga 5 or sketchbook pro or paint shop pro.

  • Harry Nguyen - Perfect

    It's a perfect backpack for anyone who carries a lot of things, it's a great hiking backpack too. The stitching is sturdy and I like how much it can hold. Also the plaid adds excellent sense of style to it. Highly recommend it.

  • Agnes Salvin - It's an excellent product for diaper rash

    Have been using this product for years, on my children, grandchildren, and now my great-grandchildren. It's an excellent product for diaper rash, minor cuts, etc. Currently being used on my 92 yr. old husband.

  • EFRAIN VEGA - My 2002 Pontiac Grand Am was leaking water from cylinder ...

    My 2002 Pontiac Grand Am was leaking water from cylinder one. It was leaking internally and externally. Water was present on engine oil. This Blue Devil stuff did the job, no more white smoke and water coming out of the tail pipe.