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  • gbmartines - I love my planner

    I love my planner. I haven't had the time to color it yet but it is fun to work on it here and there. I love the size of the pages and the room you have to write your appointments or special days down.

  • Shordan - Best software

    If you haven't tried ESET for your laptop, you're short changing yourself. It does not slow your system down or constantly interfere. It stays WAY in the background.

  • Melanie Hardy - great workout!

    My hubby got me this for my birthday. I am always looking for ways to change up my workout routine. I love it. It really works your legs, and rear, and burns alot of calories Plus it is quiet, so you can watch TV, listen to books or music without turning up the volume as loudly as you have to do with louder exercise equipment, such as a treadmill. You can vary your routine to work your abs also. I am burning about 400 calories in half an hour, which is great! It is not boring either. I alternate it with my Pilates, Taebo, and other workouts.

  • Christie - smells like baby shampoo

    I know some reviewers complain about the scent of this product, but I've always liked it. I've been using it for about a year, and finally figured out what it smells like: baby shampoo. Good, old fashioned 'no more tears'. Sort of soapy and clean rather than the floral scents so many beauty products employ. It makes my hair look healthier and feel smoother, but only if I use it on damp hair. If my hair is already fully dry, then it feels oily and doesn't really distribute through all of my hair. I use a nickle sized portion in the palm of my hand, smear my hands together, and work it through hair that is still damp, nearer to dry than to dripping. Then the results are nice. I've actually received compliments on the scent from a beauty tech who thought I was wearing perfume when I had used no other scented products. She was inches away from my head at the time, though, so don't think it spreads away from you like perfume does. I have very fine, straight, light brown hair.

  • mimihornsby - Product works

    I have been taking this product every day for 6 months. It is very useful for keeping you system going. I do exercise and I do watch what I eat but I have found that I can control my weight easier with this product because my body doesn't hold on to waste. It's not a diet plan in itself. Nor will it work by itself. It is an aide for people who are not regular. It does have some added energy suppliment in it also which helps you get off the sofa. That helps too. Give it a month. 2 pills a day. It will take a few weeks to start working, once it does, don't stop. It will help. It's worked for me and people I have recommended it to