Research Programme on Biomedical Informatics - GRIB - GRIB carries out fundamental research and technological developments on the application of new information technologies and computational methods in health and life sciences.

  • Research - GRIB - The GRIB is currently organized in nine research laboratories: Biomedical Genomics, Computational Biophysics, Computational Genomics, Evolutionary Genomics, Functional Genomics, Integrative Biomedical Informatics, Pharmacoinformatics, Structural Bioinformatics, Systems Pharmacology

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  • Margaret - ... out at all I had to return it not easy to use or figure out even with the instructions ...

    Could not figure it out at all I had to return it not easy to use or figure out even with the instructions that came with it went online follow those instructions and still had a difficult time so I returned it

  • J. Crum - Just buy it!

    I purchased this guitar used from another company but felt compelled to give a small review here. I've never owned a Les Paul before or for that matter anything Gibson. My first guitar was a Peavey Predator 1993. it was my first electric guitar to learn on and I played that guitar to death almost. I still have it and it still plays great but growing up my parents at the time couldn't afford the big name guitars so a $200 guitar is all they could get me. I was happy to even have it and later on I purchased several other Fenders with my latest being my Jimmie Vaughan Signature series Fender Stratocaster which is just a great guitar for the value but over the years Gibsons and Les Pauls were just too expensive or that was the excuse I used in my mind but after 22 years of playing I finally decided to get over it and buy one so I chose the 2015 Les Paul Studio and haven't regretted it at all. Sound and playability are awesome. Tone is very nice, and really guys when one of the big complaints is the signature on the head well that's when you know the complaint is coming from a hipster who's life isn't complete unless they're nitpicking something. I would say take a chance on this guitar but it's not a chance with this guitar. It's a freaking Les Paul! Take it home, close your eyes and play it. I guarantee you'll love what you hear and that's the most important thing period. The G-force tuner is a nice convenience but I find I really don't use it but, in a pinch it's really nice to have. If you were a new guitar player who hadn't developed his or her ear and didn't really understand tuning a guitar then i'd have an issue with you learning on this guitar because it's cheating them the value of learning to tune your guitar but if you're a veteran like me and you can tune a guitar in your sleep, blindfolded, with one arm tied behind your back then I think you can give the guitar a pass on that subject. it's convenient but it's not going to make you lazy or forget how to tune a guitar. It's a great guitar and it sounds and plays wonderfully so go out and buy one already! you won't regret it!

  • Jeff Allred - Online tests were not accessible

    Twice I was able to block out four hours to take the promised online practice tests (which required arranging for child care for my daughter) but each time I went on, the test was not available and of course because it was the weekend, no customer service was available either. Two days later I was able to access the test, but this technical mishap reduced the number of practice tests I was able to take before the real thing. If you have all the time in the world to study that might not bother you. But if you have a busy schedule or limited time to study, you might consider another option.

  • Robert - This book changed my life by opening my eyes to the chemistry aspect of natural cures vs chemicals.

    I have read or listened to fifty books on nutrition and health and this is one of the very best. I have listened to it going on my 3rd time right now with new things I have missed. The author explains how we have been fooled by the government and the drug companies and our own doctors to accept prescription medicines for everything and endure the side effects of failing health when either no prescription was necessary or a natural supplement without side effects was far better than the chemical produced in a lab. Best of all, Shane Ellison is a chemist who worked for a big pharmeceutical company and knows what he is talking about. Read this book and change the way you think about your health.

  • Jean - Awesome

    Its a simple easy to use product that works. I drink wine all the time with my meals, A lot of table wine. Now table wine doesn't have a long shelf life after you pop the cork. And there are spans of a few days where I may open a bottle drink a glass and then not drink anything more from that bottle for a few days. Then when i return to that bottle after a few days you can taste the difference in the wine. Exposure to air has ruined the quality of the wine. With this product my table wine taste the same as the day i opened it. Now this is not a long term storage solution. BUT if you are like me and like to drink wine, and not be obligated to drink the whole bottle before exposure to air ruined the quality of wine. This product is great for that. i allows you to keep the wine fresh for a few days so you can get around to drinking it.

  • linfer dass james - after taking it you are not disappointed.

    this product does what is said on the label control the appetite. It's name gives you an idea what to expect.

  • Texas Tramper - Motorcycle Camping

    FANTASTIC! My husband has gone through numerous gizmos for making coffee while motorcycle camping. When he couldn't find it for a 5-day trip and insisted I lost it, I ordered a second one. It arrived right after he located his. No problem - now I will be doing a detailed YouTube review of each of the gizmos we have and why he likes this one the best. (YouTube Channel, search "Texas Tramper")