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  • Michael B. - I give this product 5 starts, But....

    This is the 2nd time I've used this cleanse and I loved the results the first time. I was surprised that (for me) I never really felt all that hungry during the 10 days. By the 5th day, I said to myself, "Why am I not feeling hungry?!" Don't get me wrong, there were times of just a hint of feeling hungry but nothing that wasn't controllable. The first time I bought the "cleanse kit" from an actual distributor....

  • ANGIE - I really really wanted to keep this but the crotch ...

    I really really wanted to keep this but the crotch strap/buckle (yes, at the longest length) dug into my daughter's leg. If they made this a little longer, it'd be perfect

  • KIRT COLLINS - Great song!!

    This is one of my favorite songs of all time. Everytime I hear this song, it takes me back in time when reall music and artistry was excellent. Great song!!!

  • MV SLC - Highly recommend if you have a BOB!

    I loved that I had this for my BOB when my daughter was younger. It is perfect and makes it so you can use your BOB when your infant it to small to sit in the regular seat. When my daughter was big enough to sit in the stroller, I continued to use this for travel. It was easier to sit her carseat on this attachment and load up the luggage on top!

  • Great Smooch o Reno! - I LOVE BEER and this has really good flavor beer by the end.

    I did the trick!! that being said.. It helped me get motivated to start learning how to brew and change up styles of brew to do at home, and now because of the Mr. Beer - I have plans to branch out and start a major brew of 5 gallons this coming year with other Mr. Beer recipes they have on their website. What this kit does not have are packets of LME(Liquid Malt Extract) or DME(Dry Malt Extract) to add into your basic brew. These can be found on the website as well. Even check cheaper prices on if wanted to. These LMEs or DMEs help with providing a fuller bodied beer, flavor and color to the beer, you'll get it.

  • Jerrye Smith - Small Book

    I didn't read all the fine print and did not realize how small the book was. For the price I should have realized something was off!

  • Joseph E. Dilts - Works great

    My pole instructor gave me her almost empty bottle of Dry Hands to try. As soon as I got home after class I ordered my own. This product is amazing. You'll be able to do climbs, spins and other tricks you weren't able to do before due to sweaty and slippery hands. You'll be surprised!