The Good Samaritan Society | Good Samaritan Society | A Lutheran Social Service Organization - The Good Samaritan Society provides specialized care services for the elderly, disabled and those in need or at risk.

  • About | The Good Samaritan Society - The Good Samaritan Society is a not-for-profit, registered charity with over 65 years of experience providing specialized health and care services.
  • Accreditation | The Good Samaritan Society - The Good Samaritan Society is accredited with commendation by Accreditation Canada for our commitment to quality improvement.
  • Mission, Vision, Values | The Good Samaritan Society - Our mission extends Christian hospitality and encourages whole person care through healthy relationships, hospitable environments and servant leadership.
  • Board Of Directors | The Good Samaritan Society - The Good Samaritan Society is governed by a Board of 12 Directors that define the mission and set strategic directions and priorities.
  • Faith-Based | The Good Samaritan Society - The Good Samaritan Society is a faith-based organization. This means everyone within the organization is committed to our value statements.
  • Committees | The Good Samaritan Society - The Finance, Governance, Executive and Quality and Safety Committees within The Good Samaritan Society work to ensure efficient operations.
  • Bylaws | The Good Samaritan Society - The Bylaws that regulate The Good Samaritan Society can be accessed from this page.
  • Strategic Leadership Team | The Good Samaritan Society - The Good Samaritan Society is managed by a team of top professionals who are passionate and dedicated to the vision, mission and values of The Society.
  • Strategic Directions And Goals | The Good Samaritan Society - Our Strategic Plan guides The Good Samaritan Society, supporting its evolution as the needs of our residents and clients with developmental disabilities change.
  • Good Governance Framework | The Good Samaritan Society - Good operational governance ensures The Good Samaritan Society creates hospitable environments and healthy relationships and is guided by servant leadership.
  • Organizational Excellence | The Good Samaritan Society - Our Organizational Excellence Framework enables accountability, leadership, integrity, stewardship and transparency as we fulfill our quality care mandate.
  • Mission Effectiveness | The Good Samaritan Society - The mission of The Good Samaritan Society to help others in a spirit of compassion occurs through holistic care, an ethical culture and community relationships.
  • History And Chronology | The Good Samaritan Society - The history of The Good Samaritan Society dates back to 1949 and the donation of Mr. Gottlieb Wedman to help provide care for the elderly.
  • News | The Good Samaritan Society - Check back here for all the latest news and events happening at The Good Samaritan Society.
  • Services | The Good Samaritan Society - The Good Samaritan Society philosophy and model of care is a value driven, person-directed approach. We are a leader in the development of innovative programs.
  • CHOICE Program | The Good Samaritan Society - The Good Samaritan Society CHOICE© Program (Comprehensive Home Option for Integrated Care of the Elderly) enables seniors with complex to remain at home.
  • Good Samaritan Independent Living | The Good Samaritan Society - Featuring a variety of available support services and residential living spaces, Good Samaritan Independent Living provides flexibility and choice.
  • Good Samaritan TeleCare | The Good Samaritan Society - Good Samaritan TeleCare® provides monitoring, support and response services to individuals of all ages and situations, from lone-workers to seniors at home.
  • Seniors' Clinic | The Good Samaritan Society - The Clinic at The Good Samaritan Society is similar to a regular doctor's office. The goal is to assist seniors with complex care needs live independently.
  • Programs For Persons With Developmental Disabilities | The Good Samaritan Society - Programs for Persons with Developmental Disabilities delivers services within the community, private homes, clients’ homes, or homes owned and operated by The
  • Careers | The Good Samaritan Society - The Good Samaritan Society has a variety of services and programs in Alberta and British Columbia, which means a number of caregiving career opportunities.
  • Healthcare Professionals | The Good Samaritan Society - Are you are a Registered Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Dietician looking for a new opportunity? If so, we would be happy to talk to you.
  • Volunteer | The Good Samaritan Society - Volunteers at The good Samaritan Society play a major role in the quality of life provided to over 6,000 individuals in our care.

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