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Home of - Moose and Doc - The halls.md website with Dr. Halls and the Talking Moose commenting on the site's medical subjects, is delightful.

  • http://halls.md/body-mass-index/bmi.htm Body Mass Index Calculator You'll Like - Moose & Doc - Warning about the CDC or NIH calculators. They classify as overweight too much. The halls.md BMI calculator does better, more and faster.
  • http://halls.md/body-mass-index/av.htm BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index) - Adult Men, Women, Teens & Kids - A great BMI calculator with advanced features for Body Mass Index. Avoid the CDC and NIH calculators calling overweight too often.
  • http://halls.md/breast/risk.htm Detailed Breast Cancer Risk Calculator - Dr Halls - Estimates your chance of breast cancer based on personal risk factors. Still the most fluid, funand interactive.
  • http://halls.md/growthchart-boys-girls-height-weight/ Let's find out if, (tall or too fat) - Moose and Doc - Children's growth charts of height and weight and body mass index for boys and girls. A collection of charts for reference purposes.
  • http://halls.md/average-height-weight-charts/ Average height and weight charts - Average male height, average weight for women at different ages. These charts show adult height and weight.
  • http://halls.md/mapit/ My old sitemap of personal pages - This sitemap preceeded a major reorganization of this website, so it is incomplete, but has personal interest items.
  • http://halls.md/steve/contact.htm Contact us, privacy policy for halls.md - Moose and Doc - Contacting me, Steven Halls, MD is fine, by phone, email or mail. I will be private about it too.
  • http://halls.md/weight-watchers/ Weight Watchers: Everything you need to know - Moose and Doc - All about weight watchers today. How much weight loss can YOU achieve with a weight watchers plan? Join the celebrities and get on board with Moose and Doc
  • http://halls.md/quick-weight-loss-pills/ Quick weight loss pills and supplements. The truth. - Real characters discuss the disadvantages and hazards regarding quick weight loss pills. Reasons why you should stay away from these!!! Talking Moose jokes!
  • http://halls.md/the-hcg-diet/ The HCG Diet: Hype, Controversy and Gonads - Moose and Doc - The HCG diet - an up-to-date review of all the pros and cons. Find out all the advantages and disadvantages based on true scientific evidence. Worth a read!
  • http://halls.md/mediterranean-diet/ The Medicinal Mediterranean Diet - Moose and Doc - Everything that you need to know about the Mediterranean diet - all the latest scientific research on the amazing health benefits of this hot eating plan.
  • http://halls.md/atkins-diet/ The Atkins Diet Revisited: An up-to-date Review - Moose and Doc - An up-to-date review based on sound scientific evidence of all things Atkins. Is this diet right for you. Ask Moose and Doc and have a giggle along the way.
  • http://halls.md/lose-belly-fat-fast/ How to lose your belly fat FAST - Moose and Doc - Moose and Doc have made their very own top ten tips to lose belly fat . As usual, these are all based on modern medical research. Get your flat tummy here.
  • http://halls.md/anxiety-attack/ Anxiety Attack? Don't Panic! - Everything that you need to know about anxiety attack or panic attack. Signs and symptoms of anxiety attacks and what you can do to cure them with Moose.

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  • R. Sanchez - Almost a 5 Star

    Works as advertised, price is great. Present to my dad who needs it. He likes it, but spends a great deal of time watching TV and there is a latency issue. Just a millisecond delay, but he can't use it for television. Great at church and other things, but no TV we are stuck on sub-titles for the hearing impaired. Nice try though.

  • Corrine - unmatchable for the price and quality!

    They look great. You'll look like a boss in goggles like these.They don't fog up at all.They cover more of your face than traditional goggles, thus keeping you warmer by making less of your face exposed.They're priced fairly compared to similar goggles made by smith and dragon which run $200+

  • D. Sepulveda - Good Overall Concept

    This book changed the way that I viewed manufacturing. Although I've spent the last 13 years in the industry, I had not been taught the principles that this book lays out.