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Key concepts for health and its recovery - www.headbacktohealth.com - A Health resource site for patients. To be healthy, we need to be involved in gaining knowledge, being personally responsible for what happens to us. Information formaking better decisions about recovery of health. Locations: Olinda and Mornington Victoria

  • http://headbacktohealth.com/bowen.html Bowen Therapy - www.headbacktohealth.com - The Bowen technique is a sophisticated method of alerting the body to its own discomforts, with a view to allowing the body, via brain organization to correct the malfunction
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/Myofascial_Release.html Myofascial release - www.headbacktohealth.com - Myofascia permeates the human body. It is one of the membranes that covers and supports all organs, glands, bone, muscle brain & nerves. It moves and is responsible for shock absorbtion. It can be injured and needs to be treated for the optimal function of the whole body.
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/microcurrent.html Microcurrent - www.headbacktohealth.com - Microcurrent is delivered in millionths of an ampere. This is of the order of magnitude that the body itself creates to stimulate life processes. This minute current is used to relieve pain and to stimulate repair processes,
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/auriculotherapy.html Auriculotherapy - www.headbacktohealth.com - What is Auriculotherapy? The best way to look at Auriculotherapy is as modernised ear acupuncture: BUT: No needles are used - instead specialised micro-current treatment is utilised. It is recognised by ....
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/EFT.html Emotional Freedom Technique & SET - www.headbacktohealth.com - Some of the studies that are of interest and relevance to chiropractic care are not actually the work of chiropractors. Some of these are found in the "medical" literature, osteopathic, neurological, immunological etc. Not placed in any particular order.....Emotions are NOT just all in your head.
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/Nutrition.html Nutrition - www.headbacktohealth.com - Nutrients are the chemicals that make up our bodies, repair them and supply the energy to keep it working. Food production is paid on a per kilo or volume basis. It is not valued on the basis of nutritional content.
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/Koren_Specific_Technique.html Koren Specific Technique - www.headbacktohealth.com - The Koren Specific Technique is one of the newer methods of Chiropractic. It is a unique system of analysis. It is often used with an instrument the 'Arthrostim' as its method of creating the changes in the body to help the body to correct itself.
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/TRT.html Torque Release Technique - www.headbacktohealth.com - A guide as to why Torque Release Technique is used and what you can experience. Peter Robb Olinda East of Melbourne,Victoria
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/Toftness.html "Toftness - headbacktohealth.com" - The Toftness System of Chiropractic is a gentle method of improving spinal function. Research papers are presented.
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/Jennetics.html Jennetics and Stress - www.headbacktohealth.com - Stress is discussed as an overloading learned response. The brain's response to stress can be reeducated to operate less from leaned programming. Jennetics a chiropractic technique enables this to happen. Symptoms are not the main concern. Repair is.
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/TBM_IBD.html TBM & IBD - 29 May 2009- TBM and IBD use the neuromuscular reflex tests and body access points to access the body's bio-computer, the nervous system, and read the functionality of its programs.
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/AK.html Applied Kinesiology - www.headbacktohealth.com - Applied Kinesiology is the study of movement and muscle function as it relates to the correction of body physiology. AK uses muscle testing to assist diagnosis and function assessment. Simple therapeutic measures are applied and retested for effectiveness.
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/NET.html NET - www.headbacktohealth.com - The truth is that emotions are the result of the super fast processing of neurological input, at a rate that is much faster than our conscious brain can ..... perpetuated in spite of us knowing that the event is from the past. Try it on everything.
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/find_us.html Find us - www.headbacktohealth.com - Find us for chiropractic at 61 Kehoe Lane Bobinawarrah Victoria, using Torque Release Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Jennetics, EFT and NET, Stress management, Microcurrent therapy, Nutritional and wellness advice.
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/New_patient_forms.html New Patient Forms - www.headbacktohealth.com - New patient forms for download with a link to more 'secret' information about chiropractic
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/Peter_Bio.html Peter Robb - www.headbacktohealth.com - Peter's Bio, Summary of professional history with major post graduate courses/seminars listed. Other interests: photography, Flying, Harmonica, French polishing, Cartels just to name a few
  • http://headbacktohealth.com/privacy%20statement.html Studies Relevant to Chiropractic - www.headbacktohealth.com - Peter,Robb,Beechworth,Mornington,Australia,chiropractor,Victoria,privacy,statement

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  • G. Rogde - Not sure why people have problems...it's great

    If you use this product correctly, take your time putting it on, prep surface and roll it on with care (watching to make sure you are not putting on to thin of a coat), it's wonderful. Been on my deck 2 years now, looks like new. No problem with peeling. EVERYONE raves on how great my deck looks.

  • Doodlewoof - It's like mud

    This powder doesn't disolve 100%. NO matter what I do, I still get clumps of powder in my milk, water or coffee. The actual flavor of powder is very good, but drinking it-its like drinking mocha flavored mud. It is kinda gross.

  • Happygoluckyguy - Stay hydrated! Or burn up lol

    Just want everyone to know why the people who are complaining about the product are having that problem. Niacin will flush toxins out of your body. If you eat healthy and stay hydrated with lots of h20 the product is of average quality..

  • J. Beck - Viso Pro on a downward trend

    With each new release, Visio Pro gets worse and worse. Functions that used to work no longer do. The new ribbon interface is worthless eye candy - does anybody at Microsoft actually use this product?

  • Jessica M. Green - Works great with the online tree

    I bought the upgrade version of Family Tree Maker 2012 Deluxe. I installed it within a few minutes, and linked it to my online tree at Ancestry.com without any trouble. It allowed me to review all changes prior to the sync altering the online or local trees. I have been updating my tree both locally and online for a month now, and it syncs great. I am very happy with this product. I make changes daily to my trees and haven't had any problems.

  • TeeCee - Smells wretched - but works.

    This has really done a great job in saving my hair. A hair dresser left chemicals in my hair too long and really damaged it. I've been using this and it seems to really work. I will say is smells HORRIBLE..... I mean AWFUL. But it does seem to work.

  • FPSJunkie - Windows 8 Fail

    It's now September 2014 and the Saitek support pages have not been updated since I wrote my original review. Still no Windows 8 drivers. Apparently Mad Catz must have taken a trip to Antarctica or the jungles of Borneo and forgot to bring a laptop because there has not been any progress at all. Thus I have downgraded my stars to one and that is because one star is as low as they go.