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Help Hotline - Help Hotline Crisis Center, Inc. was incorporated in May 1971 as a drug information line for residents of Mahoning County.

Country:, North America, US

City: -93.7088 Louisiana, United States

  • Ryan - This is my go to product when I feel like my hair is too limp from moisture or is ...

    I've been using this on my natural hair(3c/4a) for a while since I've transitioned. This is my go to product when I feel like my hair is too limp from moisture or is breaking too much. I use once a month, and do love what it does to my hair. The only problem is that application is messy, but it's worth it. My wash day is Fridays, so when I do a protein treatment I usually So a pre-poo of apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and lavender or rosemary oil for 30 minutes. After I wash I apply the protein treatment , and I take a hair dryer to my hair to help speed up the drying process a bit. Once I feel that my hair has dried up to the point it's not dripping, I just let my hair air dry over night. The next day I wash it out and deep condition like normal. I love this product, it really strengthens my hair

  • Daniel Avery - Perfect on the Kindle Fire HD!

    Popular Science looks great on the Kindle Fire HD! Very easy to navigate and use. A bunch of people left negative reviews, but if you read them, they're mostly about problems with the Kindle app for other Android devices (which has nothing to do with this content, specifically), or they're complaints about the price. Well, I don't know how that one guy thinks he's getting a year of the printed version for only $7.00, but I just subscribed to the Kindle version for $10.49 annually, which is much better than the best renewal price they just offered me for the printed version. And as I said, it looks and works great. I'm going to cancel my print subscription for a partial refund, and stick with the digital version from now on. I'm very happy with it.

  • Amazon Customer - In the Air Tonight

    One of my favorite songs ever since it was used in the opening episode of the "Miami Vice" TV show. I like having it on my music player.