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Country:, North America, US

City: -111.6133 Utah, United States

  • Fab&Fit Mama - A couple of sprays of this product (only a little is required) and his frizzy hair turns into beautiful soft curls

    This product lives up to its name "Miracle". Purchased for my son who has really curly hair that is prone to dryness and frizz. A couple of sprays of this product (only a little is required) and his frizzy hair turns into beautiful soft curls. And it smells great! Sometime I will dilute this with water, I will put half product with half water in an empty spray bottle and it still works great while using less product.

  • Tony B. - One of the best leave-in treatments

    This is one of the best leave-in treatments on the market and as a stylist I've been using tons of products.

  • Kirstin Hallett - Baby can pop the tray out easily, don't buy!

    My 1 year old can EASILY pop the clear part of the tray out of the frame. This is completely useless to me -- I tried using it today with some puff snacks and as soon as he finished eating them, he popped the tray out and threw it on the ground in the grocery store. Just a matter of time before it breaks, made out of brittle plastic. So disappointed for the high price I paid!

  • Mike Wiitala - Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders Review

    Buffett presents his views in clear and concise language that everyone can understand. His investment philosophy is always helpful to every day investors.

  • Mercedes Corapi - Not as expected

    They seemed so small they had to be children's glasses and they came covered in dust and they wouldn't even fit on me face. Had to return

  • ScorpioDF53 - Lee's Knives

    Cutco is world class PERIOD.......My parents had it and we were given it as a wedding gift 33 years ago....I had some issues with Lee's Knives with whom I bought my set......They were extremely professional in solving my concerns and I would definitely buy from them again.....No questions asked.......If you are serious about expanding your Cutco collection, try You can skip the representatives and buy direct......The reps I've known are helpful and will get you some great deals if your are a first timer......A definite must for an y kitchen!!!

  • Alyssa - Complete S***

    Do not waste you money on this. It worked perfectly, I loved all the features then it stopped working after a week (after I tossed the receipt) the radio would turn on the fade into nothing by static, the alarm would go off but would emit no sound, the k-cell stopped working after 3 days and wouldn't charge. I tried unplugging it, removing the battery for 20 minutes (even up to 3 days) and it would only be a temporary fix after 10 minutes the audio would stop working again. They let me exchange it at the store, the second worked for about 3 weeks however the k-cell never charged and would get stuck in the holder, then the audio problem happened again. Since I believed it worked and threw away the receipt I can't return it. Huge waste of money.