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  • Ahhbach - HCl Cured My Reflux Instantaneously

    I had all the symptoms of hypochlorhydria (weak stomach acid): reflux, adult acne, eczema on my scalp and face, athlete's foot. You need strong acid to utilize the nutrition in food. It appears that my depression was related to being malnourished, because I no longer fall into deep depression (suicidal thoughts). You need strong stomach acid to absorb B12, and B12 deficiency has been linked to depression. I always had a slight, but constant, thick congestion -- that is gone. I also used to suffer from very dry skin, but that has gotten better. Twinlab's Betaine HCl has worked best for me. Now Foods brand was useless.

  • Bruce - I bought a 40' Seiki TV last year at a BrandsMart Black Friday Special and like it so far

    I am a owner of a 40" TV since November of 2012 when my 14 year old Toshiba TV bit the dust so it just so happened it was around Thanksgiving of 2012, so I started to look for new TV's. But I didn't have much money since I had only gone back to work earlier in that year. I got every Black Friday ad, including Walmart's, Best Buy and Brandsmart. Amazon didn't really have anything in my price range (which was under $200) but both Best Buy and Brandsmart had two different TV's that we in that price range.

  • Mike's Girl - Waste of Money

    I tried the 90 day course after much research but as another reviewer notes, most review sites are sponsored by Lunesta Medical. I used it along with my diet and excerise program and saw no results for hot flashes or mood changes. I contacted the RN customer care by phone and after a 40 minute wait, she was rude and unhelpful saying I had to figure out what was best for me but stated not to even think about a refund as the 30 day period had passed. I suppose they figure they have your money so screw you if it doesn't work, you can't return it. I actually gained weight which could be from the MSG in the product as it is a salt and can cause fluid retention. So, I'm out $145.00, 8lbs heavier and back to square one. Thanks Amberen. I don't reccommend this to anyone.