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  • Jessica Renckly - Refreshing eye gel!

    I've been using this product for about a week now and really like it. The container is hygenic, which is definitely a good thing when using product around your eyes. After applying this product, the skin around my eyes feels tighter and it does seem to lighten my dark circles. I feel nice and awake after I've used it. If too much is applied, it can feel sticky, so you have to experiment a little with how much you use. Eye makeup seems to have no trouble going over the top either. I've also dabbed a little on my forehead, and that seems tighter too. My eyes and skin are pretty sensitive, but thankfully I've had no issue with this product. Overall, I'm very happy so far with how my eyes look and feel when using this. I think it was a great deal to get so much product for under $20!

  • nurseychic - Unhappy Cat solution!!!

    Feliway works! You just need to use it for 3-4 weeks before you notice a difference in behaviour. A new addition to the house (boyfriend's cat) made one of my cats very unhappy - inappropriate peeing! I was about to go out of my mind trying everything under sun when I found Feliway - After 4 weeks, noticed he stopped peeing and was alot more calm. Also using GNC calming treats which really helped my little guy. And the feliway spay helped a bit. We were in process of buying a new house too - and plugged these babies in new house for 2 weeks too prior to moving cats to new place 2 months later and so far so good.. been in new house for 3 months and no inappropriate peeing! Using a few in house and in basement where litter boxes are. New territory and feliway seems to help situation of getting along. I might just keep it going for a while - each container will go for almost 2 months... just remember to refill them.. I have them all over the house...PS: Drfostersmith dot com has a great sale on multiple refills... I think you can get same deal on amazon if you look hard. :)

  • satchi - Not the Bio Silk Serum I am used to

    I am so disappointed in this product. It is not the Biosilk serum I buy at the stores. It's completely watered down and has way too much alcohol. What you can find at the stores feels different and stays on your hair. This feels like a nail polish remover.

  • Bianca Reagan - Better than drugs

    I was given this product by my doctor and it seemed to be effective although I did have to take many pills a day when my allergies were bad. However, I started getting migraines every day and eventually realized it was from this product. I believe it may have been the nettle. I also do not like that they use magnesium stearate which has a lot of negative effects. I have switched to Thorne and Pure Encapsulations products.

  • Kellie - I know other reviewers say how sweet this shake is

    I know other reviewers say how sweet this shake is. It is sweeter than other ones I've had, but that's easy to fix. I mix one scoop of this with 8oz Unsweetened Cashew or Almond Milk, 1/2 a frozen banana, 1 Tbsp Chia seeds, about 6 ice cubes, and 3/4 cup baby spinach. I actually blend the spinach up, put it in ice cube trays (3/4 cup blended made 1 large ice cube), put one cube in a ziploc with half a banana and freeze. I also 1/2 -1 Tbsp of PB2 if I'm in the mood for peanut butter. Makes it quick when you're in a hurry. The sweetness makes it so you don't taste the spinach, but are still getting more veggies in your day. :) Definitely worth trying this shake since there is no sugar or carbs.