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Biomedical Research Models | A Pre-clinical Custom Contract Research Organization (CRO) - Biomedical research company specializing in custom contract research offering a full range of pre-clinical research services to the health industry

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  • http://hstrial-wwwoodworth.homestead.com/Room-Use.html BRM | Available AAALAC accredited, OLAW Assured, DEA Licensed, USDA Registered Facility - Facilities can be contracted as exclusive use or shared use. BRM also offers dedicated and non-dedicated technical staff level employees.
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  • Amazon Customer - awsome best toy ever

    i am 38 years old and this is by far the best toy i have had ever. it evolves as you play very cool props to the designers very smart people you need to get one if you dont arleady have it

  • BroVan - 😘 I LOVE THeSe SHOES!!!

    I'm a Nike fanatic!!!! This was just another Nike product that I would say "get 'em" :). They are really comfortable and they run true to size (like if you wear 8 get a 8) and they are really pretty 😊

  • cacoga - Watch out for it slowing your speed

    I bought this because the vast majority of the reviews were positive, but our experience with it was the same as the reviewers who complained about it slowing the speed. It slowed our speed down so much that we couldn't load the content of simple websites or apps like facebook. I work from home and couldn't do my work over the wifi--not even tiny tasks like opening a one-page PDF that only had text in it. We know it was the router because when we plugged the computer straight into the cord from the wall, our speed was fine. I'm pretty sure it was also not a user error. My husband and I are not dumb or technology-illiterate. I actually have a minor in computer science and spent 6 years working in tech support, and I wasn't able to get the router to do its job. Maybe we got a dud. We sent it back, and Amazon was great about refunding it. I guess if you buy it, you should be aware that this could happen and you need to send it back before the time limit Amazon sets on it. It obviously has worked for some people, but it seems like a lot of the recent reviews are negative. Perhaps the most recent batch manufactured is defective.

  • Larry Cunningham - Great book! Gives you a lot of contact info ...

    Great book! Gives you a lot of contact info for various companies and publishers. Also gives you info on what they are currently looking for in the various types of photography, allowing you to get a head start on shooting the desired types of photographs.

  • mommy to 5 - I take prenatal vitamins to aid in my milk for ...

    I take prenatal vitamins to aid in my milk for my nursing baby. I have taken 2 prenatals a day for years to keep my body up and when I am pregnant or nursing, but even when I am not. At the moment, I am lactating and it is just routine for me to take 2 prenatals. These are not a pill, but are a capsule. They have very little smell and no taste as long as you swallow quickly. I take my vitamins before bed and these cause me no upset stomach or trouble whatsoever. I have always taken pill form vitamins, but I feel these are a little easier to take for me. I received these at a deep discount or free in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review based solely on my own personal opinion.

  • cakequeen - This is my third silhouette and this is a beautiful machine. The machine is still very loud

    This is my third silhouette and this is a beautiful machine. The machine is still very loud. Maybe the next model we can add a scoring tool, more speed and a softer noise.

  • Lilliam M. Mena - How to use to renew a subscription about to expire

    *I include instructions on how to use this card to renew an existing yearly subscription about to expire.* My LiveSafe subscription was going to expire on January 9th 2016, so I ordered the retail card in December since I was worried that the e-code version would require me to install immediately. I knew I could use the card at a later time. Two days before I had to renew I tried to access my McAffee acount from the LiveSafe icon on my desktop and it kept sending me to a promotions page, no idea why. So after trying to access the McAfee page several ways (thus one star less), I was able to get through home.mcafee.com/myaccount (do not use www). Once on that page, I logged into my account (upper right side) and then go to My Account pulldown menu and choose Redeem your Retail Card. It will ask for your card info and once you finish, your subscription will show the new expiration date (actually since I had 2 days left, its now 1 year and 2 days). I don't know if this works to renew trial subscriptions as well, but you may try.