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  • N. Luchsinger - The last first world problem is solved.

    This works exactly as they claim. Also makes a hilarious-yet-useful gift. The only real question is whether this is actually a problem worth solving. At home, maybe not. At work, I would happily take a small pay cut if they stocked every bathroom with these.

  • verna b sproul - Not for me!

    No visible results. Would not purchase this item again. Maybe I expected too much for my age. May work if you are a young person.

  • Kelsey - Big Sexy Hair- spray

    This is my go-to hairspray. It holds the best out of everything I've tried and it light weight. A little bit goes a long way so it last a long time too. I tease my hair on a daily basis and it holds all day. I don't like using anything but Big Sexy Hair Hairspray. I'm lost without my hairspray.

  • Movie Fan - Suspend your disbelief and brace yourself for not so good dialogue

    It is what it is... A disaster movie with a script that seems like it was written by a high school acting class. How it plays out on the screen is great and exciting, but when the actors start talking, yuck. But the special effects extravaganza is great fun to watch. I know...it's a disaster movie with lots of death and destruction and mayhem, etc. But that is what I pay the money for. If only the scripts for these kinds of movies would be of better quality then everyone would be happier. But it is what it is....a disaster movie.

  • Jeff - Updated

    I've had this clock for just over 1 month. We've used the stoplight feature every night over the last month and it has worked great. Now the clock won't stay on. I'm not sure if the power cord is bad or if it is just the clock. It lasted a few days over the one-month return window before it died. For $40, I thought I may get at least a year. The idea is great and while it works, it's great, but don't get your hopes up.