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  • km in tx - didn't work

    Im doing zumba 3 times a week, and taking this everyday. after 3 weeks, there's no difference except my curves. I have toned due to Zumba. My advice.. skip the pills.. After spending 100's on them, ive decided to get out there and work at it.. It's helping. No miracle drug here. just a waste of money.

  • cassie - Why so expensive?

    I love this product and have been using it for the past six months with great results. However, I can't understand why Amazon is charging so much more for a product that routinely retails for $60. Total rip-off.

  • Nicholette - ... husband and I tried this product and were very pleased with it

    Both my husband and I tried this product and were very pleased with it. We have taken many fat burners. Many give me a headache, this one didn't. Some you feel nothing with, this one I was full of energy and it definitely curbed my appetite. Neither of us weighed ourselves before starting this product. One since we were sharing it I knew it would take more time to notice than what was supplied and two we tend to judge our success with our diet and exercising with outcome and visual results other than the scale. I did notice my shorts loser in the waist. I plan to continue to purchase this item.

  • Jack - Very Good!

    this unicycle is very nice. It looks sleek and is a little big. Notice that it is a little tall and it takes a while to learn to ride. But that's what you should expect from a unicycle. :) Worth the money. Lots of Fun!

  • G. Buffaloe - I loved it so much I put a FB picture for ...

    Absolutely stands true to it's name. My skin looks so smooth and lightly covered. I loved it so much I put a FB picture for my girlfriends to see. Not meant for full coverage, perfect for tinted moisture and refinement of facial skin.