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  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    I love the artwork and interesting stories. Neat way to highlight wiccan beliefs and traditions. Whimsical and fun!

  • RedKar - Waste of money

    Do not buy the Ninja blender. I was naive enough to buy two. The first one lasted about one year, and the second one broke after 4 months. All I use it for is my daily fruit and veggie smoothie. Manufacturer says "Normal wear and tear" meaning they refuse to stand behind the product. Waste of money.

  • Mom2Michael - Can't Import Investment Sales from Brokerage

    TT Business still needs to be able to import transactions from a Broker for investment sales. Almost every Trust has investments so why isn't this a feature in this product. It is there for Premier and Deluxe.

  • Herbert C. Meyer - basic GPS receiver, USB interface, good software if you can stand Windows

    The physical product is a yellow lump of microelectronics with a USB interface, with a NMEA interface that works best with the DeLorme supplied virtual Serial port. The software is a well written but rather complex street mapping program with data for North America. The software stores the maps on the local hard disk, using a large chunk of disk, so an internet connection is not needed to use it. I strongly recommend against using this product in a car, the software interface is too complex to use while driving, you will navigate into a wreck.