Radiation Safety in Adult Medical Imaging - Image Wisely - Image Wisely is an awareness program of the American College of Radiology, the Radiological Society of North America, the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, and the American Society of Radiologic Technologists Image Wiselys objective is to encourage practitioners to avoid unnecessary ionizing radiation scans and to use the lowest optimal radiation dose for necessary studies

  • About Image Wisely - Radiation Safety in Adult Medical Imaging - Image Wisely - Image Wisely offers resources and information to radiologists, medical physicists, technologists, referring physicians, other imaging practitioners, and patients Physicians and other imaging professionals provided the information for this website All information has been vetted by the Joint Task Force
  • Contact Us - Image Wisely - Image Wisely - If you have questions or concerns about our radiation dose safety in adult medical imaging, please contact us
  • Media Room & Media Inquiries - Image Wisely - Image Wisely - Check out the latest news articles and press releases about radiation safety in adult medical imaging
  • Nuclear Medicine Radiation Safety in Adult Medical Imaging - Image Wisely - Image Wisely - The benefits of nuclear medicine procedures are immense and certainly exceed the risks However, this is only true when they are ordered appropriately and studies are optimized to obtain the best image quality with the lowest radiation dose Use the links below to find information and resources to optimize your nuclear medicine procedures
  • Imaging Professionals for Radiation Safety in Adult Medical Imaging - Image Wisely - Image Wisely - Reducing radiation dose requires a team approach Radiologists, medical physicists, and technologists work together to ensure imaging quality and radiation dose safety
  • Device Manufacturer Resources for CT Dose Guidelines by Vendor - Image Wisely - Visit the sites of the device manufacturers below for CT dose guidelines tailored to the equipment you use The vendor guidelines will help you fulfill your pledge to image wisely by using optimal dosages for the types of exams you perform*
  • Referring Practitioners for Radiation Safety in Adult Medical Imaging - Image Wisely - Image Wisely - As a physician, your foremost concern is the health of your patients Use the links below to find resources to help you identify the most appropriate diagnostic study And be sure to take the pledge to image wisely!
  • Radiology Risks & Benefits for Patients - Image Wisely - Image Wisely - As a patient, you may have concerns about the imaging procedures prescribed for you or your loved ones How much medical radiation is too much? What are the benefits of CT scans? Does my age or gender affect my risk? What are the risks? Get answers to these questions and more: Radiology Benefits and Risks
  • Pledge to Image Wisely & Commit to Radiation Safety in Adult Medical Imaging - Image Wisely - Image Wisely - Join the thousands of Medical Imaging Professionals that have pledged to Image Wisely and commit to radiation safety in adult medical imaging Pledge to optimize the use of radiation in imaging patients today

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