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City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • CaveatEmptor - Software is good but the renewal is a scam

    I have had Quickbooks for many years and have used its enhanced payroll as well. I have been paying their annual subscription each year assuming they would give you a reasonable charge. I found out that they have raised their prices and are now at $295.00/year. However, purchasing the enhanced payroll on line results in a cost of about 147.00, or nearly 50% off their renewal. I called them and asked them to match what their retailers offer. They said they cannot price match their retailers and can only offer up to a 20% discount the subscription. So I declined my annual subscription.

  • John T. - Great alternative to new headlamps

    My driver's side headlamp had become moderately hazy, however the passenger side was still clear. The process took about an hour, and, until the very last step, it did not look like it was going to help. Once complete, and allowed to cure, the headlight pattern shone on the garage door that was a blur, was now as sharp as the other side. Distance illumination was greatly improved also. Some reviews suggest that this is a temporary fix, but mine has lasted 6 months already and is not showing any haze yet. I suspect the higher temperature bulbs will cause the hazing to happen faster.

  • Loriann Sellars - love it

    This is a great natural stress reliever! Without any side effects or bad taste in your mouth. It is a great product.