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  • Kelly N. - Great brand, helpful product

    Once again, I'm very happy with my Skederm product. I tend to have puffy under eyes as well as dark circles. So I have used this under my eyes and massaged a little bit under them. It has made my eyes feel much better. I am quite self conscious about this part of my face because I have seem myself age over the past 2 years and this has been one of the most noticeable things. Many sleepless nights, 2 pregnancies, and getting less exercise has played a huge part in this. It has been almost a week and my mom actually noticed a difference and said something to me. It is not a miracle cure but I do think it works. This brand has produced many great skin care products and this is just another addition to that.

  • William L. Condon - Warm and comfortable

    This Honeywell heater does a very good job heating our 12x16' bedroom. It heats the room up to a comfortable level in less that 15 minutes. The heat is projected to all areas of the room in a quiet and efficient manner. We are pleased with this heater as a supplemental heat source for this purpose and would recommend it happily.

  • John Keitz - An Amazing Set of Cookware!

    These are heavy non-stick pots and pans that are so easy to use and clean they are really worth the price! They are nicely designed to hold and use (as well as clean). On the largest pan, however, the balance is a little off, so you will tend to want to grab the handle just foward of the padding, so keep oven mitts handy for that one.

  • Amazon Customer - House of FUN, really?

    A couple of months ago I would have rated this with 5 stars. It was absolutely my favorite game to play...great graphics, good bonuses, very good, frequent payouts. Since their upgrade, the only thing that remains are the great graphics. I still like the game but have spent (read "wasted") way too much real world money buying pretend money to use in the game...repeatedly. I don't mind buying coins occasionally, but every time you play? DAILY? Fair warning to careful, it will suck you in quickly! A plea to the programmers....please bring back the "FUN" to the House of Fun.

  • Wayne - Can't beat the price, and it's delivered to my front door.

    Since the price for this items meets the minimum for free shipping, the cost is lower than I would pay at any pool supply store, or even the big box stores. As I get to the bottom of each tub, I place my order for the next one and it arrives at my front door before I run out.