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  • About Our Doctors | Information | IMUSA Articles - offers information to the general public regarding medical conditions and both Standard Western and Alternative, Holistic approaches to treating these conditions.
  • Prevention | Information | IMUSA Articles - Whether you realized it or not there are Prevention, Wellness and Healing Medical services available to you, here in Palm Springs.
  • Our Services | Medical | Procedures - Drs. Allen and Lisa Robyn Lawrence at the Center for Optimum Medicine, Los Angeles, is a full service medical practice:
  • Services at COH | Information | IMUSA Articles - The Center for Optimum Health (COH) is located in the Brentwood area of West Los Angeles, California.
  • Chelation Therapy | Chelation | Procedures - Chelation therapy is the administration of a synthetic amino acid – ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid or simply, EDTA.
  • Vitamin-Mineral Drip | IV Therapy | Procedures - There are times when for whatever reason stress, nutritional deficiencies, medical conditions the immune system is not able to function at its highest and best level.
  • Getting Your Business To Ad Up | Beverly Hills -- Holistic Chamber of Commerce | IMUSA Articles - This August the Beverly Hills Holistic Chamber of Commerce is meeting on Wednesday, August 10, 2016. We meet at the Beverly Hills Public Library. The topic being presented is ”Getting Your Business To Ad Up.”
  • What is Integrative Medicine? | Information | IMUSA Articles - Over the years we have become used to a number of terms which describe various types or aspects of medicine and healing: Western Medicine, Allopathic Medicine, Conventional Medicine, Traditional Medicine, Complementary Medicine, Alternative Medicine, CAM
  • Menopause Lowers Good Cholesterol (HDL) | Latest | IMUSA News - Menopause lowers good cholesterol (HDL) protection, raises atherosclerosis risk
  • Managing My Depression In The Midst Of Trauma | Latest | IMUSA News - I have suffered from insidious depression for at least 39 of my nearly 54 years of living. At this point, I have lived with depression long enough to know that I am extremely sensitive to human suffering and trauma.
  • Constellation Healing: From Here to Eternity and Back Again! | Beverly Hills -- Holistic Chamber of Commerce | IMUSA Articles - There are many so-called ‘healing’ modalities out there that make numerous ‘healing’ promises; yet the results they actually deliver leave something to be desired.

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  • s.o.w.a - This pretty much does the trick for my three year old.

    Works for us! Most of the time any way. My very "independent" 3 year old pretty much goes with what the light says. Before this light it was all bets off at bedtime! It is easy to understand, very easy to use, and has helped our household stay sane at bedtime. I would highly recommend this sleep training light.

  • V. Bhimani - Best screen protector

    I was not a big fan of screen protector after gorilla glass arrived. My impression was that they mess up authentic look of screen. On top of that bubbles under screen protector spoil visual effects. This protector proved me wrong. Very easy to install, no bubbles, perfect fit. I liked round edge of screen protector.

  • Rhonda Thomas - Not pleased!!!

    This program has change a lot from the last time I used it, not pleased with it at all. Asked for a refund and never heard any reply!!

  • Bailey Hernandez - All of that researching stops here!

    I just had my first child in December. During my pregnancy I put on a whole lot more weight than I should have. After weeks of researching I found this product & just couldn't pass up the opportunity. I received my first bottle in January & started a high protein diet with no fat & no carbs. I have already lost 14lbs! This product really is great & really gives you results. The customer service is awesome too. I definitely recommend this product, you will not be disappointed!

  • JustMe - Very effective in helping your body make more milk. ...

    Very effective in helping your body make more milk. Will not substitute for insufficient stimulation (nursing or pumping) but will help increase volume of output. I was getting 2.5 ounces per pumping session eight times a day. I took one capsule three times a day and my output went up to 4 ounces per session.

  • Cary C. Dunlap - An All-time Favorite

    Years ago I made a list of the top 25 songs I'd want to have if I was stranded on the proverbial desert island. This song makes the list. For me, it's the perfect "power-pop" composition, just rocked out enough to keep it honest, and catchy enough to win over even the toughest critic. I love this band and this is their best song, in my opinion, followed closely by "No Matter What" and "Day After Day"...