What Is Self Insurance - Know About The Insurance Types - self-insurance - A system whereby a firm sets aside an amount of its monies to provide for any losses that occur-losses that could ordinarily be covered under an ...

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  • keroppi - Love this TV!

    I'm and independent film maker. When i set out to find a home television i had very specific needs. 1st was price. You can get wonderful image and quality at crazy prices. But im not going to spend $3,000 on a tv that will be obsolete in 4 years. I wanted value, sharp image, good refresh rate, true color, ease of use and something that was bot the size of a minivan in my apt.

  • Marilyn Cadagin - High marks...

    Very easy to read and the footnotes are very helpful. It is a good to take with me ever I go. I love having my page saved for me. The reference guide allows me to jump back and forth to the different books and passages easily.

  • Timothy Sweet - I'm a fairly intelligent person and this mistake is 100% my fault but ...

    This product works! Very, Very well... You delivered just as you promised. My only suggestion is that you adjust the size of the printing of the directions/warnings. I'm a fairly intelligent person and this mistake is 100% my fault but I think your product managers should consider a 30pt font, bold and underlined... 3D if possible that screams to people like me. The person who thinks "I got this.. No big deal... Just place a little on the twig n berries and lets clean up the track to the back door... Why not?" Shame The F on Me! It's clearly printed on the bottle and I clearly should have read the directions... Lesson learned. The horrible burn continues as I write this post but I feel obligated to warn dummies like myself that you should keep this clear of your most valuable assets... Worked great on the small patch of hair on my back. 😊

  • traci - Great Kindle App!

    This is one cool App. It seems redundant to have it on my Kindle AND in print, but for a Kindle lover like myself - it is so fun. Plus the extra recipes available on the kindle make it so much better. What a great bonus to my Cooking Light subscription. Love it!