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  • Browngal - Excel 2010 for Dummies

    My husband bought the book but he said it is hard to understand. My opinion is that he really needs to spend more time reading the book.

  • Missy - Very Pretty!

    I decided this Christmas to buy a crystal ornament for every year my boyfriend and I are together. I was relieved to find that last years was still available! Its a beautiful ornament. I thought it would get lost on the tree since it is clear, but it adds a sparkle!

  • Daisy Mae - Great little tool set for small issues

    These tools are exactly what you need for the small issues on your face. I've bought medical tools before and these are of the same caliber. They come in a nice zip back to keep them in too. Good for anyone with small issues and especially teenagers. I wouldn't recommend using them for larger issues or for a prolonged length of time, just when you notice blackheads, etc.You receive five tools with each end being a different extractor. I would recommend the tools.

  • Donald - The weather in PA has been bad so the product remained in the box until today

    Purchased the product on the 12th of February. The weather in PA has been bad so the product remained in the box until today. I removed the spreader and attached it the the back of my ATV connected the power cable, hit the power switch, and NOTHING. The spreader was dead out of the box. Called the manufacturer (Buyers) today to get the problem resolved. The lady I spoke to was nice, but informed me that in order to receive a replacement motor, I would need to visit a certified distributor 45 minutes from where I live. Called the distributor and was told I would have to package the device up and bring it in so they could determine I was not the one who broke it. Now in order to use my new spreader, I will have to uninstall, package the spreader back up, drive it to the distributor, drive home without it, wait until they get a new motor in, install the new motor, drive back up to get it, drive back home, and install it on my ATV.

  • Mercedes Corapi - Not as expected

    They seemed so small they had to be children's glasses and they came covered in dust and they wouldn't even fit on me face. Had to return