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  • Marvin D. Pipher - Read it and weep for America, Christianity, and the World

    This book, Volume 1, presents a systematic assessment of the major events in world history which took place during the period from 1763 to 1939. Each succeeding event is reviewed, discussed, and analyzed in the context of its time; with emphasis on why it happened, who caused it to happen, and what its impact was on subsequent events. When world history is examined in this way, it soon becomes apparent that these incidents weren’t separate and unique events, but were part an on-going and much larger scheme. Eventually, as the broader picture comes into focus, an attentive reader is able to discern who was behind them, why and how they happened, and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) what the ultimate objectives are.

  • fitnessforlife - Low acidic coffee

    I am a pretty healthy person. I excercise everday,I do not eat red meat, very litte chicken and turkey, no pork, and and i love fish and veges! I didnt order this coffee for health benefits i basically ordered because regular coffee gives me reflux. This coffee taste great and is low acidic. They say it helps with high blood pressure and other ailments, but seeing that i do not have any health issues right now i wouldnt know about that on a personal level. I do have friends who rave about its healing powers but again i think it is a lot to pay for coffee... i can get that same low acidic properties from Starbucks. If i had the extra cash i would continue to order, but i dont.

  • tara smith - I learned more from this book regarding how to break ...

    I learned more from this book regarding how to break down questions, than I did in the first three months of school. Buy it.