Graphè - Istituto di ricerca scientifica sulle scritture - graphè è un Istituto di grafologia che organizza corsi e seminari in molise e puglia. In oltre il Graphè mira ad effettuare ricerche in campo grafologico.

  • L'istituto di ricerche grafologiche Graphè - Graphè è un accreditato istituto nato per dare impulso e nuovi contributi alla ricerca scientifica in ambito grafologico
  • La scuola - scuola di grafologia Graphè con sede a Campobasso e Bari organizza corsi di grafologia.

    Country:, Europe, FR

    City: 2.3387 , France

  • Jaimielynn - Lots of bubbles and smells nice

    I don't understand some of the reviews that say the smell is unpleasant or too strong. It's not at all. It's a nice baby smell and my daughter hardly smells like it when she comes out of the tub. I also don't understand the ones that say there's no must be doing it wrong. I squirt it in the running water and it makes plenty of bubbles. It is very rich so little goes a long way. Lather just a small amount to wash the baby. I like this much better than Johnson and Johnson bedtime bath, it makes much more bubbles and the scent is nicer

  • LongTimeUser - Webroot is as slow as molasses on a hot day!

    I DON'T RECOMMEND PURCHASING THE SOFTWARE WEBROOT. I don't have the original software information of book or know how to access it because it came with the Dell Laptop i5 which is a company laptop. When the webroot was loaded on the laptop it ran as SLOW AS MOLASSES ON A HOT DAY! It was worse than Norton 360 and QuarkXpress software ran soooooo slooow I nearly fell as asleep waiting to access the program. SEVERAL TIMES THE SOFTWARE STOPPED WORKING...CRASHED. This may be typical of antivirus software of this nature but I wouldn't not waste my time or personal money on the software and wouldn't suggest any one else waste their money unless they have knowledge and experience. If it wasn't a company laptop I wouldn't have it on the pc at all.

  • D. Nelson - Very nice

    I do like this but it's not as shiny as I like. The background is kind of milky white but the various colors do give me the look I wanted. I wish it were in a silver-y background and I would probably like it better. However - I DO wear it and I DO get complements on it. Try it! For this price how wrong can you go!

  • gatoradam - Poorly made few options would not recommend to anyone

    Poor set of legal forms poorly done. Quicken should be ashamed. This product is not worth $5.00 I highly advise not to purchase this product.

  • Channa N. - very bad customer service

    I want to start by saying that I have used MagicJack for years. I have defended them against many who have dogged them. I bought one of the original MagicJack device that can only plug into your computer. That device flat out died. So a few years ago, I bought the MagicJack Plus. Used it and had a few problems with it from sound quality to needing to reset the device. I have renewed my subscription to a 5 year deal. Two years into it, my phone subscription said it had expired. So the device is working, but it was not communicating with their server. After hours of troubleshooting we finally found out what was the problem. Techs tried to reset my account saying it should be resolved, but that did not resolve the issue. I had to plug the device directly into my computer. It came back with invalid serial number. At first the tech told me it's not corrupt or else it would give a different error. After continuing to troubleshoot, tech found that the serial number was indeed invalid. Now the tech changed his/her tone saying my device has gone bad.

  • N.J. Faticatto - Simply Put, It Worked For Me

    OK, so here's my situation and how it played out. You can compare it to other reviews on here and decide for yourself if its worth the buy. I personally think the product is a lifesaver and I would entirely recommend its use.

  • Dado - Another Cricket game with full of Bugs

    I purchased this game hoping they might have removed bugs from previous game. It is another game with full of bugs.I think people who design they have no idea about cricket game playing.I still rate Brian Lara 2005 the best cricket game even though there are some bugs in it.