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  • andre lebron - Not HD at all

    Return this product because it was too pixelated you can notice of pixels no matter what size you put it don't get me wrong it works fine but picture quality is poor like a Fisher Price toy

  • Lee Witt - Best Price

    My 2012 Norton 360 is about to go out. I went looking at retail stores and found the 2013 to run around $90.00, give or take a few bucks. Amazon had it for 1/4 the price and free shipping!

  • New Yorker - Beautiful design and materials but too big for those of ...

    Beautiful design and materials but too big for those of us looking for a small, light umbrella stroller. For this size I decided to stick to my awesome Citi Mini which reclines and can be folded with one hand. I returned the G-lite and bought a cheap small umbrella stroller for those occasions in which I don't need a big stroller.

  • Blackbird - Light Everyday use with good conditioning qualities

    I have been looking for a good shampoo for a long time and after trying several different famous salon brands my search ended with oribe Signature.This shampoo is not too heavy and does not make your hair too dry, so you can use it everyday without damaging your hair or drying it out. This is particularly good for people like me, who tends to get oily scalp easily without a days wash.

  • Pam Kidney - Harry the Bunny does not talk

    put batteries in and Harry the Bunny does not work. I tried several different batteries and nothing.

  • Lisa2900 - Simply The Best!

    Massive Attack is by and far my favorite band, and I enjoy all types of music, not just of the trip-hop genre. I only came across them 2 yrs ago by accident and have been addicted to them ever since. My favorite album is Mezzanine but I don't have a favorite track, I pretty much love every song they have ever produced. I've been listening to their Collected Album for the past year in my car and I'm still not sick of it. Their music is simply undescribable and incredibly original. Robert "3D" Del Naja's voice is sensational and can't be compared to anyone else. Check out their track "inertia creeps" if you're not familiar and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Also their collaborations with various vocalists are simply awesome and smart. Al though some songs may be considered "darker" than others, all of their music puts me in a great mood and helps me relax. Their most recent album Heligoland is definitely much different then their prior albums (but then again all MA albums are different; why I love them so much), and it took a little while getting used to. But after listening to it for a bit I became addicted to that album as well. The only album I don't have is Blue Lines, which I just purchased, al though I'm familiar with all the tracks on the album. Bottom-line is Massive Attack is amazing and in my opinion so highly under-rated here in the states. I recommmend any and all of their albums to anyone who enjoys refreshing, original music, and music that can't be categorized as falling into one particular genre, but rather an incredible blend of trip hop, alternative hip hop, experimental rock, down-tempo hip-hop, soul, reggae, even classical music.