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City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Jennifer N. Webb - My Parent Child Testing Product is Great! Really Really Great!

    Help me, I'm scared. Yesterday I was shopping on amazon when I stumbled upon this the Parent Child Testing Product page. I'm a toy collector, so you know, I was checking to see if there were any new Wolverines I don't have... but I saw this and decided to check it out. I DIDN'T ORDER IT! I didn't make any purchases at all. But today I received a box in the mail... they come in a 5-pack...did you see that? I don't know what happened.. but they're here now and I don't know what to do. I thought at first it must be some kind of mistake so I sat the box aside to return tomorrow... that was around 2pm I think. Please you gotta understand... I'm here alone. I need help. The next time I came into the room the box was empty and the five of them were lined up on my coffee table! They've been watching me all afternoon. They remain totally still while I walk around but when I sneak a peek at them suddenly their facing me again, just staring! I'm scared. I think they can hear me so I'm afraid to call the police. And what's worse is that I keep hearing this chittering sound that I swear is coming from the one on the left! I tried to leave the house but they must of known I was fleeing because once I laid my hand on the doorknob it was like all the air went out of the room and the next thing I knew I was laying on the couch RIGHT NEXT TO THE COFFEE TABLE WHERE THEY ARRREE!!! I'm afraid! Please send someone! You gotta understand, I do not have children! I repeat: I do not have a child! ...I think they're here for me... oh god help me...

  • E. T. Roessner - Nice for the price!

    This album was just what I wanted -- compact, well organized (by issue date), one slot per quarter and serviceable. About the only problem is the usual problem of it being hard to insert the quarters in the slots. But once they're in, they're in for good. (I wish someone would tell me the secret for inserting them without resorting to pounding with a hammer and chisel!) Anyhow, I'm satisfied with this purchase and would recommend the album to anyone who is looking for an inexpensive way to store their National Parks Quarters.

  • Jimmy Nelson, Jr. - Great Idea--Awful Soda

    I bought this locally and returned it within hours. First, when you get everything you need (not including mixes) this can easily cost over $100. Then, the bottles "expire." That's right, the bottles expire and they are not cheap. But when everything works right, I have to confess that this product makes the WORST tasting soda I have ever tried to drink. Got my money back fast!

  • Simon - Your Mileage May Vary

    I got this as a gift for my wife in January 2012, and she was able to get some results on her underarms; however, she didn't find the required patience to go any further. Fortunately, the folks at Remington's guaranty are super understanding, the kind that guaranties used to be like. We understand that personal care products are extremely sophisticated, and they may not work for everyone just the same. We are happy that we at least gave it a shot.