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  • I Like Turles - A bit peeved

    This is a very general guide to cosmetology, it doesn't seem to get into any specifics at all. I bought this for myself as I'm trying to learn how to cut my own hair. I have to say that I'm hugely disappointed with this purchase.

  • jackie c. - Sleep well, awake refreshed

    I have suffered from Torticollis for many years and I've tried numerous pillows, creams, pills, ointments, acupuncture and chiropractic services. I wake up multiple times throughout the night to reposition my neck and shoulders because of chronic pain and stiffness due to the awkward positions I get into trying to find a comfortable position. This side sleeper pillow by Sleep Jockey is like no other pillow I tried because it is made with memory foam instead of a poly filling. Very dense and firm and hold it shape without flattening or getting lumpy. It's unique boomerang shape keeps me from writhing and twisting around to find comfort and relief. I'm sleeping better and waking up refreshed. My use of creams, ibuprofen, etc. has diminished greatly. My chiropractor approves it as well! This pillow is an excellent investment for anyone who suffers from sleep disturbances due to injury or other conditions such as pregnancy or sleep apnea. Comes with a 300 thread count Egyptian cotton pillow case that's washing machine safe, also 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied. I did recieve this at a reduced price for my honest unbiased review of this product.

  • Trevor - It's alright.

    The plastic used for the keg is type 3 and only holds 2.5 gallons which is kind of weak considering that you can get a type 5 five gallon bucket from lowe's or home depot for less than $4. The liquid extract that comes with it is neat though and is fun for a first time or warm up.

  • Christine R - Use non-chlorinated cold water, then add flavor...lost 6lbs in 5days

    I have a water filter that removes chlorine which is imperative unless you want to buy bottled water the rest of the plan. You MUST not mix with chlorinated water or it destroys the enzymes. I skipped the fast and started with phase two, shakes for breakfast and dinner and a sensible lunch. Lunches for me have been chicken or fish and a veggie or small fruit side. I even had Mexican once (one taco, one enchilada, and rice) and a southwestern grilled chicken McDonald's salad and still lost. I had store bought organic broth and V8 juices in between meals as suggested. I drink a hot cocoa with some soy milk every night so far. I am doing the same exercises I did before, yoga and cycling, nothing too strenuous or new. I use flaxseed capsules and don't add oil directly to my shake. I never use a blender . This has been so easy. I also use a 1/3 cup of the powder ...I think it's 5 tbsps. I am only 5'4" and that holds me 3-4 hours. I think the trick for me has been using Stevia...the sweetener makes it easy to sip down with a straw, along with cinnamon. I am now hopeful I can see this through to get 20 more lbs of old baby weight off! I started eating more today because I don't want to lose too fast. I am drinking a ton of fluids like fruit tea and green tea with Stevia or mineral water. I did have some changes in bathroom habits...but that is the cleansing nature of this product. I take a multivitamin and a probiotic daily. Give this a try, you may be surprised like me. The price goes down the more you buy. I was dedicated to a 6 week trial and got 6 cans for 130 dollars. Also, I read the Almased forums for nutritional guidance - there is a nutritionist to help you.

  • Andy M. - OLD technology - ONLY works on a 2G Network!

    What is not told to you...is that this device, if you would like to use it as a stand-alone phone, must have a SIM from your cellular service provider...BUT most importantly, this device only supports the 2G Network (not 3G or 4G) in other words, this is such OLD technology that your cellular service probably NO LONGER supports that, as in AT&Ts case.

  • Spike - Definitely one of the better ones

    This is a great product. My trainer recommends it and it's great because it does replace so many added products.